Are your sales picking up?

how are your sales just now? I have been quite busy and wondered how everyone else is doing? I dont mean just on folksy but on other sites ,B&M shops etc


Yes busy busy both online, recent craft fair and B&M shops . This year has been pretty good so far.

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I’ve been very busy via FB, had 3 good sales in the last 2 weeks or so. Hopefully my sales will pick up on here too now that I’ve listed roughly 26 new items.


If I take my sales over all my online shops, website, and Facebook then it’s great this year. I’m already past last year’s total sales. My sales (no of items and monetary totals) have always grown year on year, but this year it’s really noticeable how quickly that’s happened. I seem to be getting a lot more repeat custom this year, people buying for gifts then buying for themselves, which is nice too.


Considering I’ve not done any active promoting for the last month (too many other things to do at the moment, which is annoying, but unavoidable) my sales are pretty steady :slight_smile:

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Sorry to be thick but whats a B&M shop I presume you dont mean B&M Bargains? Rachel


Bricks and mortar shops, Rachel.

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Until May all my online promotion was on facebook which I can’t say has ever been very successful for me, although it did bring in one large sale with the possibility of others to follow. Sales elsewhere were low (probably due to lack of promotion) and I have cut back on my craft fairs. I have now started actively promoting my shops (here and the one we don’t mention) and sales have been fairly good and steady. I’ve even sold a few items on eBay! I am hoping as the year moves on to Christmas time things will pick up even more. :slight_smile:

I have started going to craft fairs I went to a new one at Helston Hellys Craft fair on Saturday it is right beside the boating lake and a lovely building. Lots of people turned up and I sold a few items so covering my table costs of just £10 and more besides, a good price to pay for a table too. There is another one in October and December which I have booked. I don’t have much luck selling online though I do rainbow and alphabet and one or two others on these forums to promote I post on Facebook new items which goes to twitter that’s it.

ooops thank you Amanda @chicita Rachel

No :frowning: my sales are almost nil. sold one item a few weeks ago, nothing since. I’m not long opened my shop, I opened a few years ago and got 3 sales and then took ill, so decided to have another go and even went Plus, maybe just need to be patient. I am working very hard making jewelery and trust soon sales will come.


Things are going well via Facebook, but haven’t made a sale on Folksy! I find it so hard to promote on here and a lot of people I have spoken to have never heard of Folksy. X

I think that you have to have your products in more than one place and hope that you dont get orders from them all at the one time!
I have just started facebook but no sales so far from it

No sale at all! No views either yesterday. :frowning:

Well you should have at least one view today! @Amberlilly

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@Amberlily - don’t take too much notice of the view counter - it’s often broken and will sometimes register no shop views even if you’ve made a sale!

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Hi, re B&M shops, took me ages to figure this out a while ago, I kept thinking about the shop, liz

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I sell on Ebay (not glam but MY WOORRRRRD it is a big shopping mall !!) and had a bumper month last month and have seen sales increase by over 200% on my first year. Etsy is really picking up due to lots of networking and the fact it is such a nice showcase format for my work (I list individually on Ebay) My Folksy is getting a much larger viewing audience but I have had just one sale…My hubby has a High Street gallery selling WW2 planes and steam trains etc. His prints are just 15.00 and he frames them for 35.00 yet his Limited Editions for over 200.00 seem to be selling although overall he is very quiet…

I’ve had exactly the same trend! x

@Glehcar…I didn’t know what ‘B & M’ meant at first either!..LOL!x

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