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Going in hospital soon. Should I "holiday" my shop?

I’m going into hospital again in early Feb,for another bout of brain poking ( need a coil
embolisation for another aneurysm which they found in a routine follow-up from my haemorrage in 2013)
Although I hope to be in only a few days,does anyone think I ought to put my shop into holiday mode? Business is dribs and drabs since Christmas.

Depends how you will be feeling, how long you’ll be unwell so unable to get to the post office.

We are supposed to post out within 3days of payment but that can go up to 4 days as we don’t count Sunday.

I hope your hospital stay is fruitful and you are feeling A1 very quickly.

I would - just because that would be one less thing for me to worry about!

Good luck, hope it all goes well x

I have to admit I didn’t when I went in for my op a couple of years ago. I managed to pack the parcels up and my lovely oh went to post them for me. So if you have someone to help I don’t see who you shouldn’t keep it open :slight_smile:

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I only put my shop into holiday mode while I was in hospital having my surgery but.once.I was home I took it out of holiday mode.

I’d say see how you feel. Every one is different.

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I would put in holiday mode while in hospital, once you are home you will know if you feel well enough to do packing and stuff. wishing you a speedy recovery.

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I’d say yes, then you don’t have to worry about it. When you’re home you can take it out of holiday mode as and when you’re feeling up to it.

Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you.

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Unless you have someone to run your shop for you I think it may be best to put it in holiday mode for the time your in the hospital, it will be one less thing to worry about. Once you’re back home you can see if you feel up to it or take a few days off.
Good luck with the ‘poking about’ x

I think it would be best to put the shop in holiday mode so you don’t have to worry about it and so you can get some rest afterwards. I hope the op goes well.

Yes, I would put shop in to holiday mode as others have suggested. Hope all goes well for you and a speedy recovery.

Yes, I would put my shop in holiday mode too, less to worry about. Hope you’re op goes well and you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Exactly as Tina @DaisyWings says! Hope you get fixed and get well soon.

I just popped over to your shop as I have never seen it and read your meet the maker. What a wonderful story! I hope your luck continues to hold, I very much like all your space inspired items. I am an astronomy and scfi nut and they really appeal to me!!! Done a bit of fav’ing!!
I agree put your shop on holiday so you don’t have to worry about it. Very best of luck to you.xx

Same advice as those above. Hope all goes well and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your shop is lovely.

Glad to report that I’m back in the groove/had a mojo transfusion…went in last Wednesday as planned,came home Friday. It would have been in the morning,but it took six hours for the pharmacy to get my meds to bring home. Has anyone else had to wait hours for meds?! I’ve had far too many stays in hospital - 7 in two years - and been held back by waiting. Once, the staff said I could come home and go back later to fetch them. Puts me very strongly in the current concerns about people staying in hospital for tooo long,blocking beds.
Anyway,my daily tablet tally has moved up a bit,to 42 daily. They say you can hear me rattling long before you can see me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stop the new ones once I’ve had my follow-up. My head apparently is 4 or so coils heavier!


Wishing you a speedy recovery Denise, I am from Sheffield so know all about Weston Park Hospital and the great work they do, what a great Charity to raise money for with your jewellery making.

Good to hear you are now home but what do they do all day one department not getting the paperwork up to date and off to the correct department no doubt. So sorry you were left hanging around like that.

Hi Denise, wishing you all the best! I’m from Barnsley so also know Weston Park hospital well. My niece is a nurse there and it’s where my hubby had his stereotactic radio surgery after his brain haemorrhage- they do fantastic work!
Get plenty of rest
Di :smiley:

Great to hear so many people who know Weston Park.It’s one of the two Sheffield hospitals who saved my life - the Royal was the other. I had surgery for my pituitary tumour there in 76, but it regrew so I had radiotherapy at Weston in 79. Happily,the tumour hasn’t returned, and I go to the Hallamshire annually to keep an eye on things. It was follow up (after a brain haemorrage in 2013)that showed I had another developing aneurysm when I had an MRA,that led me to have elective surgery. The neurosurgeon is very positive that I’m clear of aneurysms now. At least the surgery isn’t invasive,as they put a cannula into an artery in the groin,then use the tube to put coils made of platinum into the swelling to encourage blood to clot,blocking off the weakness. Given that my primary issue is EDS,a defect of collagen,it’s not unexpected I might have weak tissues,but foreseeable I should be okay at least for a while. Given that in the year from March2013 I was in hospital seven times I hope that’s my quota. No admissions in 2015, hopefully just this one this year.
P.S. the hospital has rung today to tell me I don’t have to stop driving!!! I had to have six months off driving in 2013, as I had to have a ventricular drain which involved a tube dispersing a hydrocephalus which developed during major surgery. As I didn’t have one this time,I don’t need to not drive (multiple negatives!) I was okay having the time out,as we are a two car,four driver house, and getting people to take me out as needed was fabulous. My family has been the greatest support I could ever ask for. My “in house” family make everything fine for me,and I’d like to tell them I’d not be here if they didn’t look after me so well and make life as straightforward as possible.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Denise…