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Good Sunday Morning 2/8

Hope you ladies don’t have a busy schedule for today and that you’re able to have some me time. I felt so rough as yesterday went on, I was in bed super early and I believe I slept right through from about 9.30pm to around 8am this morning, I never sleep that long! I do feel better for it this morning though so that’s something.

I had planned on adding something new into my shop yesterday as I set a target for at least 1 new item per day, pigs might fly! Although, I did actually make something and take photos, just was unable to sit and list.

Received 2 sales in my shop last night so I think that was a nice start to August.

Glad you enjoyed you’re Birthday Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery. :wink: x

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Good morning everyone,
glad to hear a good nights sleep has helped you feel better Kelly @tagpress but still take it easy today as well.

Yesterday was a sunny lazy day here at mine, girls reading mags in the hammock, today 2 more coming home for Sunday roast, pulled pork, but has anyone got a fantastic recipe for a pudding using redcurrants? Going to strip the 2 bushes to make redcurrant and port jelly, but I won’t use them all.

Would one of the two be me Suzzie? :laughing: @thistledownandHOPE Dinner sounds lovely and I hope you all enjoy!

We’re having chilli con carne for today, only because we’re doing a bit of packing but you can’t beat a good ol’ Sunday roast!

I’ve never tasted redcurrants, like ever! x

Still waiting for my first sale :slight_smile:

Started stitching new necklace - black and silver :slight_smile: Bracelets waiting for clasps :slight_smile: Hope will do something with it today :slight_smile:

Have a nice Sunday!


The classic use for red currants in this house is summer pudding (combine them with some strawberries and raspberries, cheap white bread, plenty of cream yum) but you haven’t got time for that if you are planning on eating it today with the pulled pork (any left overs welcome - pulled pork butties double yum). How about a pavlova or eton mess type desert instead? Alternatively freeze them and then a handful can be sprinkled over porridge/ cereal/ muffins as required (we find if we put them in a collender in the fridge for a couple of days first it dries them off so when they go in the freezer they stay more free flowing).
I’ve only just had brekkie and now I’m hungry again.

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Mmm, redcurrants. Envious, Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE I had an Australian recipe for redcurrant and orange jam (or possibly jelly) that was amazing, but that was a few house moves ago! And as for Sasha @SashaGarrett , wow summer pudding is the best thing ever! Sadly, I’m the only person that likes it in my house, so it’s a bit impractical to make :frowning:


Hope your feeling 100% soon Kelly @tagpress :blush:

Mmm Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE Your making me hungry too. Enjoy :smiley:

Your 1st sale will come @TobisiasLilThing and when it does it’s the most amazing feeling ever. Just keep enjoying making your beautiful jewellery and listing it. It takes time and oodles of patience. I sometimes go a month between sales and I worry I won’t get another sale again. Then a surprise sale comes along maybe two :smiley:

I’m at my father in laws chilling for abit with a latte.
I’ve got some beads to glaze when I get back home.

Catch u later
Have a fab Sunday Folks


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I make summer pudding in cuboid plastic tubs (sort of 500ml volume ish from lakeland) the square white bread fits the sides perfectly once the crusts have come off and they are big enough for 2 (generous) portions. The other half likes his pudding tarter with black currants thrown in the mix whilst I prefer sweeter (tend to add some peaches into the mix) this way we get his and hers and everyone is happy. Make on the friday so you have pudding for sat and sun and back to being virtuous during the week. The rest of the bread and fruit can go in the freezer for the next time (never tried making it from frozen but don’t see why you couldn’t).

Hi folks…morning of the dreaded Housework, but I’m off to do some sewing in a minute…hope to complete something over the weekend!
I ordered the zip I need for the original bag I wanted to do…and a few other things fell in the basket as well. Never mind, with the extra’s I get free postage!

Right…off to sew!..have a great sunny Sunday everyone!


Oh wow, that’s brilliant Sasha @SashaGarrett. It also gives me a great excuse to but a collection of plastic tubs from ASDA and use the leftover ones to keep my beads and gems in.

Just in from a car boot this morning - was selling at ridiculous prices but didn’t want to bring much home. Came home with £40 in my pocket and 4 large empty boxes so happy enough. Did go via the tip to dump some bits that didn’t sell.

I don’t think I’ve ever had summer pudding - people tell me its lovely but having suffered dreadful bread and butter pudding at school I’m unable to eat anything that is cooked with bread in it. I know it tastes completely different but I just can’t bring myself to try it!

Just got to have a tidy up now, do some ironing and a bit of paperwork and then I can relax.

Good job with the boot Roz @Rozcraftz. It’s £40 more than you had. x

Roz @Rozcraftz, on the subject of summer pudding: it’s nothing like bread and butter pudding! I can’t even stand the smell of bread and butter pudding, it’s horrible, but summer pudding is just amazing, it’s completely different in every way possible!

One day I will be brave!

Just got text from my daughter to say she has landed back at Luton so she should be home in about 2.5hrs, wasn’t expecting her until about 8:30 so had better get a move on with all my jobs - looks like I’ll be cooking her some dinner!

You can make a version of summer pudding with sponge fingers, swiss roll or brioche slices its just there to hold the fruit compote in. I fill it with any fruit that takes my fancy so have done peach/ raspberry/ strawberry or gooseberry/ white currant sweetened with home made elderflower cordial, it doesn’t have to be the classic black/red currant/ raspberry/ strawberry. I only like bread and butter pudding made with brioche and choc chips - like you too many bad ones at school.

@RhiannonRoseJewellery - line the cuboid tubs with cling film to make turning out easier and make sure there is enough film to go over the top of the bread ‘lid’ you can then stack the next one tub on top of that so you only need to have one weight to go on the top of the stack. I use my steel block for hammering on as the weight.


Now we all know you need bread & butter pudding wrapped for Christmas Roz @Rozcraftz lol. x :laughing:

Sasha @SashaGarrett you won’t believe this - I ws talking to my OH about this and he says he wants to try summer pudding again! (But I still NEED to buy those boxes - I’m looking at one on my desk that’s full of wire, they are so useful)

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Well in that case…
who am I to stand in the way of progress.

Well dinner has been eaten outside in the last rays of sunshine and there wasnt anything left.
Pud was Compot Cake, the cake was a 2 egg victoria sponge cake with vanilla, turned upside down and smothered in a redcurrant compot, whilst still warm, so the jelly soaked into the cake and the fruit rested on the top, quite wonderfully delicious, Served with blackcurrant icecream.
But now the knitting needles need to come out and I need to crack on with the hottie I have been designing,
see you all tomorrow, Suzzie x