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Weekly natterings 21st Sept

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1

Well, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new week, and we should feel good!

(Roz) #2

Except its raining and I’ve got to go to work :frowning:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #3

Except it’s pretty grey and miserable out there, and my phone just froze again! So what’s been happening? Has anyone had a good fair this weekend?
We got No1 son off to uni, so much stuff, soooo much more space in the house!
So today is Spreading out Monday, a process where I claim the vacated space as mine, spread all my shop out over his bed, and see what I have and what I need to knit.
Have been busy so have some new hangers to list today. I have ventured into a more 1940’s theme with stitch and colour, so see what you think. I personally think the stitches used were amazing back in time, as they were more limited with their colour pallet. Hope I have captured the feel of the era. Daughter and girlfriend love them!
Lots of other new threads going on at the moment, but I will carry on with this one, for a wee while more, see how it goes, but know time = stitches! and we are all busy, but it is good to talk. Read on twitter ’ you don’t need a therapist, just a good friend '
Speak again later
Suzzie x

(Roz) #4

Next fair is next Saturday - hoping it will be a good one, it is a georgian market that occurs every 2 years. I did it last time and did quite well - hoping it will be even better this time. It runs for 2 days but I am only doing the Saturday, I couldn’t afford both days and last time Sunday was very quiet.

My big news this weekend isn’t really my news at all but my sister and her friend completed a 2 week, 1000 mile cycle ride from Lands End to John O’Groats last night. We are all immensely proud of her and I did my bit cheering her on from the comfort of my sofa! She is now heading back in slightly more luxury of a camper van and hopes to stop over here tonight on her way home. Looking forward to it.

Have only got to work today and for about 1hr tomorrow afternoon this week so can’t complain really. Looking forward to some quality crafting time :smile:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #5

Well done to your sister.
Bet she has a sore bum!
May have to get a soft, plump, squiggy, cushion for her.
Did she do it for fun, or for a charity?
Suzzie x

(Roz) #6

Initially she was doing it for fun (?!) but decided to raise money for the Salisbury Hospice as well. She managed to raise over £1600 so it was worthwhile.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #7

Wow, that is an amazing amount of money, and also the profile the charity will get in the local press from her achievement.
Very impressed, especially as it started out as a bit of fun! mmmmmm

(Roz) #8

Halfway house, 5 clients seen 5 to go…

(Rhiannon Rose) #9

Absolutely shattered! Full day teaching then a meeting afterwards. Not making any headway with my shop at all: I’ve stalled completely. Definitely must try harder.

(Roz) #10

All done for the day, just awaiting the arrival of my sister and co. My work quota has increased slightly so I have got to go out for a couple of hours tomorrow but other than that I am free for the rest of the week :smile:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #11

I have just listed the new coat hangers I have been busy with. Hope you like them, you can see them on the september listings thread if you would like, or of course in my shop. Tomorrow if the light is good I have a hottie to do and a tea cosie to photograph and list. its all very well indulging ones self in knitting, but then you have to do the hard bit, listing.
Turning a tad chilly here, trying hard to resist putting the heating on, so we are fighting over who has the cat on their lap as he gives off several watts of heat!
Suzzie x

(Rhiannon Rose) #12

Lol Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE neither of our cats will sit on laps! Although at 4.6 and 5 kgs that may be a good thing!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #13

Wow, Rhiannon Rose, what do you feed them? Ours is a complete softy, loves having his tunny tickled, but also loves sitting/sleeping on you, where and when ever. We save loads in heating oil bills, maybe that is where I am going wrong, maybe I will make my 1st million selling cats as cheap heating!!! Might as well give up the needles now! ( unlikely).
Have to turn in , and read the book club book The 13th tale, anyone read it? any good?
Suzzie x

(Sarah Lambert) #14

Has your sister recovered yet Roz @OrchardFelts . Well done to her :smiley:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #15

Hello everyone.
Hope you are all well. I’m good just on my way to get my nephew from nursery.
I had a chat with my sister and she has put him into nursery in the mornings then I collect him at lunchtime and she will be home by 3ish.
Much better for everyone I think.

I’m in the middle of crocheting afew blankets. I won’t be listing them as I’m not sure people would want them but two are for my friend and the rest I’ll sell at my next stall.

I also have aload of Halloween and Christmas bits to try and photograph over the next few days. Try and get a little sorted before my op then it will be all go after.

I’ll talk to you all later.

(Roz) #16

Sister and friend plus associated husbands/partners arrived last night in good form after a very long drive down from the top of Scotland and we had a fabulous evening. They are even beginning to talk about their next adventure - cycling around Britain/across Australia was mentioned but I think that may be a bit ambitious and could just be the adrenaline/wine talking! Even the dogs managed to get on - in a fashion!

Well I’ve been at home making a new scarf this morning but have to go out to work this afternoon :frowning: .

Talk later

(Suzzie Godfrey) #17

Have they given you a timeline for the op Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 ? Again life on hold.
Well we have a patchy blue sky here so I am going to take some photos before the clouds win the battle of the sky,
Suzzie x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #18

I’ll be having it done on 19th November suzzie @thistledownandHOPE I’ll only be in hospital for 4-5days which is amazing then it’s two weeks complete rest then in lifting for 6weeks so hopefully I’ll be fine just before Christmas.
I’m really happy with that.

Means I can get on with things till I go in.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #19

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 , I think you can safely say ‘no lifting’ also includes NO hovering, fetching cups of tea for the household, NO doing the washing…but probably includes no lifting parcels delivered by the postie with goodies you have ordered as well. Every silver lining has a cloud! Just make sure you have enough stock for all the makings you may fancy doing.
Good luck for then,
Suzzie x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #20

Must admit I did think that. So I have been stock piling on beads and charms and even wool.
I have told the OH he will have to do all my chores at home until Xmas :wink: