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Google analytics/conversion goals

Hi, has anyone set up conversion goals on google analytics? I want to set up a goal that shows purchases (URL destination) but don’t know what web link to put in under ‘destination’. I’ve put but not sure if that will show my sales or all sales! Any ideas? Cheers Mandie

Google Analytics was the discussion topic on last night’s #folksyhour on Twitter. Folksy are going to be writing some articles about it, as GA confuddles many of us, but they did say there are lots of video tutorials from the team at Google.

Does this link help?


Hi, yes the discussion on folksyhour got me started! Thanks for this. Think my problem is in order to have a sale as a goal, I need to put in a webpage as the destination, but the only way I can think to get that webpage address is to do a purchase myself. I need the www.folksy etc for the page when payment is confirmed. x

Sorry- I don’t bother with GA, but is not every sale page is a whole new generated sale page? If there was a set link to it then surely anyone could access any sale page? I also thought sales pages were protected?
I may have got that completely wrong mind and happy to be proven wrong. Just a thought, and sorry I can’t help. :slight_smile:

Hi Mandie-

I’m just going to look into this for you, as you have discovered it’s slightly more complicated because of us being a marketplace for the eCommerce side of reporting.

I’ll get a definitive answer for you asap!

Hilary :smiley:

Yes, was thinking was a bit more complicated, but thanks anyway!

Thanks Hillary!

Can’t help either but have posted so that 'm updated when Hilary reverts back with the info! :slight_smile:

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