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Got any Flowers or Plants? - Promote your Folksy shop!

Is the theme tomorrow on British Crafters Come and promote your Folksy shop!

We have had a post reach this week in excess of 50K so do drop by and add your makes to the pinned post in the morning!

You can also book in for promo which includes Pinterest, Stumbleupon & Twitter promo!

More details here

Hope to see you soon!

Dottie x


Blimey - a post reach of 50k!!! That is impressive!!

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Thanks Heidi - it’s barking mad! We got up to 56K post reach this afternoon!

Some imaginary flowers from me … on a small wall hanging.

Just to say this is a VERY old thread - like 3 years old!

British Crafters is thankfully booming still! The FB page is the same and next up we have OPEN DAY where anything goes on 1st Nov - come and join in!

Bookings are now done via but we are fully booked for the rest of 2017!

Love your flowers though Julia @FireHorseTextiles :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind comment, Susan.

Sadly, I am not on FB, however, I hope that your open day goes well!

I searched for ‘Flowers’ before posting, so that I didn’t duplicate a thread, but I see there is another one with Floral in the title, so will add them there.

Best Wishes

Julia :smile:

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