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Need to drive some buyers to your shop?

(Susan Bonnar) #1

Have you found us over at British Crafters yet?

Last week was incredible for sales!

Our FB page is here You can promote your shop items Mon to Fri, we have a theme that we set and Pin to the page top. Some get shared to the page, but people get sales from just being on the thread!

Or you can book promotion here where you get a post on fb with a photo and link to your item or shop and a link to your FB page, you get pinned to the Pinterest Board for that month - you get a review on StumbleUpon and you get Twitter promotion! All for £2 for a day or £8 for 5 days. Nearly everyone that has booked since we started have rebooked as it works so well!

Of course we can’t say that you will make a sale but you will definitely have lots of people browsing through your shop which can only be a good thing!

Our FB stats for last week are super!

Our Stats for last week
4.5K interacting
2.9K post likes
1.5K post shares
25.7K post clicks

If you have any questions please message me!

Hope to see you over there soon!

Dottie x

(Liz Dyson) #2

I’ve just booked a week, Dottie. I’ve emailed you my links.



(Tania Walker) #3

I’ve just booked for next week too - will decide what to promote and send you my links! x

(Susan Bonnar) #4

@lizdyson @ColaCreations Thank you both :slight_smile:

(Karen McPherson) #5

Just booked a day (i think) lol

Thanks Dottie xx

(Liz Clark) #6

I’ve also just booked a slot in the Flowers and Fauna day :smile:

(Minerva) #7

Very pretty page on British Crafters today with Flora and Fauna theme!!

(Susan Bonnar) #8

@matthewwilsonjewellery I hope you enjoyed your day :slight_smile: You were very popular!

(Susan Bonnar) #9

@BigBirdLittleBird Thank you - your shop is fabulous!

(Susan Bonnar) #10

@Minerva Thanks lovely - it looks good doesn’t it!

(Karen McPherson) #11

Thanks @dottiedesigns i had loads of views and a few new likes :slight_smile:

Karen xx

(Liz Clark) #12

Thanks for having me and Drake :slight_smile:

(Birchand Hare) #13

I;ve booked for the Vintage/Retro day - am I right in thinking its only one day? Thanks, great idea.

(Susan Bonnar) #14

@BirchandHare - Your Twitter & Fb promo is for that day only but you are pinned to the Pinterest Board for that month - so your promo from there is ongoing :slight_smile: Thanks for your booking btw!

(Susan Bonnar) #15

Open day today! Come & join in :slight_smile:

(Eskdale Gifts) #16

Hi Dottie I’ve just liked your page, I’m quite new to the crafting business so I will definitely be booking a slot when I can xXx

(Susan Bonnar) #17

@EskdaleGifts Great! Do ask if you have any questions!

Great themes coming up this week - tomorrow is Flowers & Fauna!

(Eskdale Gifts) #18

I do love things with flowers, do I just attach a picture of one of my floral pieces and post it on your Facebook page?

I make these crochet flower bangles that I’d quite like to share xXx

(Susan Bonnar) #19

@EskdaleGifts You need to add a fb photo link tomorrow to the post pinned to the page top between 0700 and 1800. I only share a % but will look out for you tomorrow to make sure you get a share :slight_smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #20

@EskdaleGifts I haven’t seen your post if you have done one but your shop is super so have just shared you here

Dottie x