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Great day on Folksy

I listed two owl appliqued toiletry bags last night. Within a couple of hours they had sold to a returning customer who also snapped up two owl cushions and an owl tote bag at the same time (completely clearing out my “Owl designs” collection). I was ecstatic! 5 items in one go is my best ever Folksy sale and the fact that it was to a returning customer and also takes me to one away from my 50 sales milestone, makes it even better. It got me wondering - what high-points on Folksy have made other sellers feel great?


I got featured in a Prom Magazine from having been seen on Folksy a couple of years ago :slight_smile:
Well done on your sales!


Well done…:smile_cat:

My best is when a returning customer ordered 20 sets of embroidered Christmas themed oven gloves to give as Christmas presents! The previous year she had also bought about twenty items, mainly clutch bags and bookmarks…but for her to come back with such a big order was brilliant…I’m wondering if she will return this year!


Wow!!! 20?!!! My 5 pale into insignificance compared to that! :smile:

…it was Christmas…always my best selling time. :cat2:

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That’s brilliant Helen. Well done. :blush:

I love it when a customer returns. It’s a great feeling.

Karen x

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that’s wonderful news x

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I wasn’t sure where to type and share this …not worth starting a thread for…
but has anyone noticed that because computers are essentially American, if you type a word that America decides is not spelt correctly (despite it being correct in OUR eyes…and it is OUR language)…if you type Folksy…it is fine but if you type E**y (in full) it underlines it, so it does recognise us but not their own country’s site…ha ha.

Well done Helen that’s brilliant!! x

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Well done that’s lovely news

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Well those owls are comically cute so I understand why she cleared out the owl collection. I’ve never managed to sell 5 items to one person online (in person yes online no) so my folksy high point… when someone contacted me about one of my most expensive items and they weren’t an oceanographer! Once I’d amended the postage to include USA they bought the cufflinks and I had to have a bit of a sit down.


Congrates to you both on your sales.

My biggest order was for 5 items gloves, hats and hot water bottle cover. The lady was ever so excited as she’d been looking for someone who used acrylic yarn as llike me she had allergy problems with natural fibres. She sent me a lovely email saying how wonderful every thing was.

My best returning customer but not via Folksy, she contacts me via a craft forum or emails me as I make her custom made orders. She’s so lovely she sent me a letter out of the blue in April with a little gift inside just to say thank you for all the hats and ear warmer head bands I’ve crocheted for her over the past 4 years.

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Ha ha - “they weren’t an oceanographer” …love it! :joy:


That’s great - well done to you both. Not sure I can compete with anything mentioned here - my biggest sale I think has been two cards, but still very welcome! :slight_smile:

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Well done @PocketfulCreations :slight_smile:

Not sure, I think selling 3 doorstops to one person was great- but I also had a customer who spent her christmas present money on 3 different items which was lovely too. Every sale still gives me a thrill though.

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Wow, no wonder you are feeling chuffed. Well done.

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Just reached 11 sales :grinning: with 5 in the past three days #lovefolksy

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Hi julie Its debbi hope you remember me?? i am back on folksy but with a new name and items!! home decor and gifts @Willow Cottage…took me awhile to find you again…xx