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Grouping products on the homepage

Can anyone help?
Is it possible to group items on the homepage?
For example: I would like to group all my pendants together, all my earrings together and all my bracelets together. So when someone opens my homepage they are faced with the choice of ‘Pendants’, ‘Earrings’ or "Bracelets’. Clicking on the appropriate title the viewer would then be able to see all the listed products for that selection.

If you have a plus account you can create ‘collections’.
If not then all you can do is go into ‘Shopkeeping’ and move your items around so that they are grouped together on your page…so maybe all your pendants first, then all the earrings etc.

I was just going to say the same as @KBCreations go to your dashboard and then down the left hand side you will find collections. Didn’t realise you only had this facility if you had the plus account.

I think any shop can have collections (my husband doesn’t have a Plus account and he has collections), i think it’s the Feature thing which is exclusive to plus shops x

You are right. Thank you all so much. It has made such a difference to my homepage, especially as I am soon to introduce cuff-links to my product range. So simple to do. Many thanks.

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Sorry folks…I thought it was just the plus account that had collections…I couldn’t remember what I had in the beginning before ‘plus’!

What do you feel is the single most advantage of going ‘plus’?

It means as I have a lot of items I can relist and add more without worrying about listing fee’s as my plus account has paid for listing fee’s.

Many thanks

As Eileen pointed out, if you have a lot in your shop you can list them everyday if you so wish, this will keep your items on the first few pages of listing categories. I think it is well worth the £45 per year investment.

Also, you can put things in more than one collection - so you could have ‘earrings’, ‘cufflinks’ and ‘tiepins’ as well as ‘gold’, ‘sliver’, and ‘platinum’, and put each item into two categories, say - ‘gold’ and ‘cufflinks’, or ‘silver’ and ‘tiepins’.

i’ve found that useful to group my listings both by type and subject.

Yes, I have things in collections such as ‘hearts’ and ‘animals’ and ‘birds’ as well as in ‘pendants’ and ‘coasters’.