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How to rearrange items in my shop?

(Funky Penguin Designs) #1

Hi, I’m very new here and not doing very well… :pensive:. I’ve only listed a few things so far and I want to give it a go and add more listings. I’ve noticed that other sellers here have their items neatly divided into sections, and some even sorted by colours, style etc. I tried all the buttons available but still haven’t found a way how to do this. Any tips from seasoned Folksy sellers?
Thanks :penguin:

(Roz) #2

Choose dashboard from the menu and then look at left hand side - you should see Collections - click on that and you should be able to create collection categories then when you list/edit an item you can add it to the appropriate collection (they will show up when you are listing) Hope that makes sense. Good luck.

edit - you can also add existing items to collections from the shopkeeping option. You can also reorder the items in your shop there as well.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Collections is only available to plus account holders (I think) . What you can do if you don’t have a plus account is organise things using the drag and drop function in shopkeeping (top item under shopkeeping on the left hand side of the dashboard).

(Roz) #4

@SashaGarrett I think collections are available to all and it is just the featured items that are only available to plus sellers - at least thats what it looks like in the knowledge base but I may be wrong :smile:

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(Sasha Garrett) #5

@Rozcraftz I know that originally collections and featured items were only available to plus accounts and I’ve had a bit of a trawl through folksy and I haven’t found a single non plus shop with either collections or featured items. I would of thought if they had the option available they would use it but maybe not.
@FunkyPenguinDesigns - you don’t have a plus account so you can clear this up - do you have collections (would be second item under shopkeeping on the left hand side of your dashboard)?
(PS slightly disappointed to not see a single penguin in your shop given your name)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Roz you are correct.

Collections are available to everyone. Featured items are also available but you can only have 3 featured items unless you have a plus account then you can add as many items as you like to featured items and they just rotate randomly as you refresh your page.

Now For Collections.

As said you decide how many different collections you want and what you want to call them. You do this in ‘Collections’. When you list or edit a listing you give it a category and that adds it to the collection category you have made.

If you want to more item around in your shop front so say the newest listed item is at the top of the shop you go into Shop Keeping and you can drag and drop each listing into the order you want it to appear on your main shop page. If you want one to be the first/top item click on ‘Move to the Top’

Your 3 large featured items

Again in Shop Keeping you’ll see ‘Feature’ on each listing click on ‘Feature’ for the item you want featured in the 3 big photo’s at the top of your shop.

All the best

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(Samantha Stanley) #7

Can I clear up some controversy here. I am not a plus seller and I do have collections. I don’t have the option of featured items, but I’m not sure I would find that as useful as collections. If you want to use this feature it is on the left hand side under “shopkeeping.” I really like creating and curating collections in my shop but that may just be because I’m a bit OCD…

Love Sam x

(Samantha Stanley) #8

I’m going to look for “feature” in my shop-keeping!

Sam x

(Funky Penguin Designs) #9

Thanks a lot guys, you’ve been most helpful :heart: :penguin:

P.S. I’m still in the process of stacking the shelves, there will be lots more - and, of course, penguins, too! :wink: