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Gulp! First item listed. Thoughts please

(John Stead) #1

Hi Guys

I have listed my first item and would love to hear any of your thoughts and advice.

Any advice regarding product images, text and postage will be fantastic as I want to get this one right before I add more.

Cheers in Advance … Be kind :wink:


(Christine Shephard) #2

Hi, welcome to the forums and Folksy. I love that image and your listing looks pretty good. The photo is great - which shouldn’t be a surprise as you’re a photographer - and the description is fine. I do have a couple of comments though, which are intended to be constructive!
The title is lovely but not likely to be something a buyer would type into the search bar. I would leave the pretty titles in the description and put something more useful in the title - think about what you would search for if looking for this item.
UK postage looks a bit high at £9 - it might be worth explaining why it’s so expensive.
You could also include metric dimensions for those that don’t do inches.

Hope that helps, good luck with your shop.

(John Stead) #3

Hi Christine

Thanks for the great feedback. Very good point on the title and metric size (Photo prints and frame sizes tend to be in Inches but mm too might be a good idea) , Ill look into that ASAP.

I have sold a few prints from my blog and once packaged Royal Mail charge me £8.40 which is really what i’m going on. I will package the prints between two sheets of corrugated card and once wrapped, its quite a big package. Wonder if that’s adding to the weight?

(Bridget Mallison) #4

Hello and welcome to Folksy!

I don’t have anything new to add to what Christine has said but I wanted to comment on your photo. It’s so beautiful, what a breathtaking view! I can’t wait to see what else you list.

(John Stead) #5

HI Bridget

Thank you very much its very nice to hear feedback like that :smile:

I’m sure you will love the other prints, I’m thinking about doing them in different sizes and also as wall canvas.


(Shirley Woosey) #6

Lovely picture John @NorthernWild and welcome to Folksy.

It might be an idea to put something in your Meet the Maker section.
You get to this by going into your Account
Clicking on Profile Settings and put something into the biography section
Then when people visiting your shop, click on your name they can read a bit about you.

Potential customers like to know a little bit about you, where you come from, why you do what you do etc, etc.
Customers who buy handmade like to feel a connection with the designer.

Good luck with your shop.
Shirley x

(Angela R Connah) #7

Congratulations on your first listing John and welcome to Folksy.
It’s a lovely photograph, what a beautiful view.

Not sure I’m in a position to give a photographer advice regarding product images but what I would say is use all 5 image slots if you can. Even if one of those is a photograph of you taking photographs. Perhaps one of you (or someone else) holding the print would give a sense of scale. I know you have measurements but people don’t always take notice of that. Might be worth giving the dimensions in metric as well.

I would pad out the description a bit, for example say what colour the mount is (is it bright white, off white or pale grey etc…) monitor settings can make a huge difference so it’s best to be clear. And what type of paper the photograph is printed on, I see you have that information in the materials but again, people don’t always spot that and may not know what Luster pro paper is, I wouldn’t know if that was smooth, textured, glossy or matt but would quite like to know that sort of detail.

Postage seems high to me but to be honest I wouldn’t really know the cost of sending that type of item. Perhaps you could explain a bit about packaging (box, jiffy bag etc…) & how it’s being sent (courier, signed for, first class) just to clarify why you are charging that amount.

Also if I was looking for an item like that I would likely search for something along the lines of ‘landscape print’, or ‘landscape photography’. Something less descriptive and more generic in your title is more likely to get you found in searches.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful in some way. Good luck with your shop.


(Angela R Connah) #8

I took so long to write this that some of these points have already been mentioned…sorry for duplicating :smile:

(John Stead) #9

Thank you very much Shirley :smile:
Very good point . Thats now on my to-do list tomorrow evening after work :slight_smile:


(John Stead) #10

Thanks Angela

Always good when others back up great advice :smile:

I’m on it now


(John Stead) #11

Great advice of including a photo of me taking this photo. Luckily enough I’m in the habit of taking photos of photos in process. Image added now :smile:


(Margaret Jackson) #12

I agree about the postage being high. I’m a buyer, not a seller, and I’d want to know why it’s so high. Is it sent special delivery or something like that? Is there any option to choose a cheaper form of postage? For instance, I have a great dislike of recorded delivery, as I feel I’m being charged for the seller’s peace of mind! It would be a good idea to explain the costs so the buyer understands exactly what that charge is for. Gorgeous photo though!

(John Stead) #13

Hi Margaret

I am exploring other methods of reducing the postage whilst still protecting the mounted print. Currently the mounted print is protected in a closed cello bag and sandwiched between two strong sheets of corrugated card. This is then wrapped in strong brown parcel paper. It is strong and secure. I would love to find another option as it is also very time consuming and expensive to post. BTW Postage is usually next day, I will get different quotes with different types of packaging to see if I can get it down.


(Jo Sara) #14

I think I can see why your postage is so expensive. Your A3 size print is about 5cm too large to get into Small Parcel size (longest side length for small is 45cm, A3 is around 50cm), which is a shame because that would save you currently around £4 and come October when Royal Mail change the Small Parcel prices around £5. Looks like you’re stuck with Medium Parcel size for A3 though. Can you try and lighter materials to pad out the print? You must be in the 1kg-2kg range. If you can get under 1kg that will save nearly £3.

Alternatively you could swallow some of the postage into your item. £48 + £5 postage sounds better to me than £45 + £8 postage, even though they are effectively the same price. The only thing with doing that is you’ll pay the 7.2% sale commission on the £3 postage you’re adding to the item price. But if it means a sale because the figures look better it might be worth doing.


(Margaret Jackson) #15

I agree Jo Sara, it would be easier to swallow a price tag of £48 with £5 postage. I know it adds up to the same amount but psychologically it’s easier to accept!

Another question John, will you be offering smaller sizes of your prints to cater for those who have smaller walls? :smile: It would increase the range of people who could afford your work. Just a thought!

(John Stead) #16

Well spotted Jo. I was scratching my head thinking why its so expensive. Very good point regarding postage/ price. ill do that now :smile:

Many thanks

(John Stead) #17

Hi Margaret

I will be :smile:

I was hoping to list different sizes for the same item but cannot do that on Folksy.
Over the next few days I will hopefully be adding more items and sizes, Just need to get this one right first as its my first lol


(Jo Sara) #18

No worries John, I am a bit of an expert in Royal Mail’s parcel size and weights, they are my main postal methods. And I used to have to adjust the item/postage amounts for my items to make it look more balanced before the small parcel postage started becoming a bit more reasonable. :smile:

Forgot to say what a stunning shot that Roseberry Topping print is. The colours are amazing.

There’s quite a lot of people that sell prints that come on the forum. I’m sure if there’s a light and safe method to send they’ll happily share it with you.


(John Stead) #19

Thanks Jo :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #20

You could always offer the A3 print unmounted? That would reduce the size of the package and therefore the postage?

I’ve chatted to other photographers on here before and they always say the lack of being able to list options is a difficulty.

Good luck with your shop!