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Handmade Folksy Pinterest Board

(Retro 68) #1

If anyone would like to pin on my “Handmade Folksy” Pinterest board please send me a direct message to be sent an invite. Over 8000 followers so well worth it

(Christine E.) #2

I’m already a member, but a bit lapsed I’m afraid! I’ll try and get back into it…

(Pauline Hayward) #3

I’m also a member but been a little pre occupied.

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #4

I’ve asked to join… Thank you

(Annie Storkey) #5

I’ve also asked to join :smile:

(Christine E.) #6

There’s someone called Cecilia who’s pinning Etsy stuff…

(Retro 68) #7

Thanks, it’s been deleted

(Retro 68) #8

Hopefully everyone received their invites? I had a few problems sending them direct from Pinterest so had to email a couple of you

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #9

Hi, I can’t find an invite. do you think you could try sending me one again?

Thank you.

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #10

Hi… Thank you for the invite and I’ve posted my first item to it … oooh

but I did notice that there a few posts from the ‘other’ place…