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Just wondered if anybody uses this board on Pinterest? I use it to to pin new listings and also at random times but whenever I look at the board its a sea of Esy with my lonely Folksy pin surrounded.
Just to help expose Folksy a bit more I wondered if anybody else would like to join in or are we drowning in an E
sy sea?


No seen it before, worth a go though. Etsy is every where! Lol!

I can invite so happy to do so or follow them and they will invite you themselves. Just feeling lonely there :grinning:


Just followed so hopefully they will invite me soon :slight_smile:

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might have a go :smile:

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Just had a look and followed :slight_smile:

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I am on too but not very sure what I am doing. :smile:

I just followed!

I’m following

Just followed? Now wait?

yes @Amberlilly you will get an invite to join and then you can pin on the board.
Thnak you all for joining


I’m now following :smile:


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Just followed I have not been on Pinterest very long so still getting used it but loving it so far x

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I’ve tried to join that board a couple of times, but no invite forthcoming :frowning:

I will try and and invite you @NightOwlCreative, is this the pinterest name too?

Hi Anita, thank you. My Pinterest ID is /JulieNightOwl - unfortunately I wasn’t able to get NightOwlCreative. And still clueless about Pinterest but trying!

I am on that board, it took a few days for the invite to pin to come through. I have tried to add you but I can only send out invitations - sorry

Ok have invited a JulieNightOwl hope its you!!!

How does the invite come?

Do I get an email or the board suddenly appear in my list of boards?

Sorry to be a pain.

Only problem is my feed is now swamped with ‘selling’ pins from Etsy, Ebay etc…