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Happy Thursday Morning 30/7

(Kelly) #1

I know it’s only 1.10am at the moment but at least I won’t be starting my day at 4am again. :unamused:

I was asked by an American lady for a custom designed thank you tag using her bird logo, I hope she’ll be pleased as I created 2 different designs for her. Just need to see what she thinks now but hopefully she’ll like one of them.

I’ve forced myself to stay awake this evening but on a brighter note, I feel back to my old self, even though I have a bit of a sore throat. So tomorrow i’ll be able to add a couple of new designs into my shop.

Sweet dreams everyone. x

(Roz) #2

Morning Kelly @tagpress - I hope you are enjoying your lie in.

No work for me today but I have a doctors appointment and then have to take my dog to the groomers for a trim. He always smells so good when he gets home.

Not sure what the rest of the day will bring yet.

(sejleather) #3

Good morning all :smiley:

The weather here looks promising, compared to how it has been over the last few days.

Glad you are feeling back to your self @tagpress

Good luck at the doctors and I hope your dog enjoys the pampering @Rozcraftz

Have a good day everyone !

(Minerva) #4

Morning all! I’m bright and early today. Hope for the rain to stop so I can enjoy some nature and fresh air. Hope you all have a productive day!

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

Hello everyone.
Hope you feel better after a late night by the looks of it Kelly @tagpress (or should I say early morning) enjoy a lie in if you can.

Roz @Rozcraftz well groomed pooch. Sounds nice. My friend sends her dogs to the doggy salon and they come out looking like different dogs for about two minutes with a bow on top and everything.
It’s funny.
Hope Dr’s goes well.

I’m up the hospital for another scan second one in as many weeks.
I wish they would just send me a date for my operation. It’s getting very annoying having all these tests when they already know what’s wrong and what to do about. Grrrrrr >:)

I also may have found a flat after a year of looking. keep everything crossed. :wink:
Be back later.

(sejleather) #6

Yes, its nice to get out in the fresh air and enjoy nature @Minerva

Good luck with the flat, fingers crossed, that sounds exciting @hobbitgirlie1880

(Suzzie Godfrey) #7

Good morning everyone, sun shining here, so usual state of affairs to report - washing on the line, cuppa tea made for the family.
Been knitting every evening, but as yet, nothing to list, I will probably regret my slow pace in a few months time but whilst the summer is shining…
Today my daughter, niece and I are heading out to do the school shoes shop, and to sweeten the experience, coffee and cake.
Then make some rhubarb and vanilla jam.
Hope sun shines where you are and you all have a fulfilling day
Suzzie x

(Rhiannon Rose) #8

Morning everyone,
Feeling stiff from the pilates yesterday! Probably means I was doing it wrong. So I’m not leaving the house today. I’m hoping to finish off several projects that I started but never quite finished.

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 I feel for you. Last year I had a diagnosis in January, which meant I needed an operation. I kept having to go for further tests. Eventually they booked the operation for the very end of May and when I went for the blood tests decided that my condition had got worse, and I needed another bunch of tests to decide if I needed a bigger operation! Thankfully I didn’t, but where’s the sense in that? On a positive note, hope that your flat search has come to an end!

(Kim Blythe) #9

Good morning everyone.
A bit cloudy here but at least it’s dry. I’m off to visit my daughter and granddaughter this morning and will give her the little skirt I made. Hope to do some sewing this afternoon, but don’t hold your breathe…spending the morning with a 2 year old often wears me out!

Hope everyone has a good day

(Minerva) #10

I hope all goes well with your health and the flat hunting!
Fingers crossed :sparkling_heart:

(Kelly) #11

Deja vu for me this morning, woke to the phone ringing but at least it was actually ringing unlike last Thursday at 5am when I thought it was lol. :smile: I could have definitely slept a little longer but nevermind.

Hope everything goes well at the doctors Roz @Rozcraftz, which reminds me I need to book an appointment with the nurse, thank you! Enjoy you’re dog when he’s been pampered, they never stay looking lovely for long, especially when it’s raining and you take them for their walk!

Thanks @sejleather, hope the weather holds out for you & @Minerva It’s dull here again this morning, ugh!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, hope you get the offer of the flat! Ooh just think, decorating somewhere new all in time for Christmas, whether that be the flat itself or with Christmas decorations! :grin:

I’m sure you’ll be okay for stock Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE once the time comes around. It won’t be too long before the days are very cold and we have our homes all lovely and warm, that’s when we’ll all be creating away!

Hope the stiffness doesn’t last too long Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery and that you’re able to tackle some of you’re unfinished projects.

Enjoy your morning with you’re Daughter & Granddaughter Kim @KBCreations, they’ll love the new skirt I’m sure!

Got my coffee here and plan on getting busy once it’s gone! Until then i’ll catch up in the forum. x

(Kelly) #12

My day is running smoothly, already I have made a new design for my shop and it’s all printed and cut, officially a new set of tags, yea! Haven’t gotten this far in a good few days. Back to designing. x :wink:

(cindyheadley) #13

Afternoon :wink: well it was a late night what can I say? Cloudy here sadly, just when I wanted to revamp my photo’s of me stock, never mind maybe the sun will come out later.

(Rhiannon Rose) #14

Sun’s just come out in Derbyshire: need to get a climbing plant cut down at the front of the house if possible and do photos!

(Kelly) #15

I still have photos to do too but I have completed another set of tags, that’s 2! x

(cindyheadley) #16

well done, I hate tagging, can never think of more than half a dozen.

(Kelly) #17

I didn’t mean listing tags Cindy @cindyheadley, I mean’t products, I make tags for gifts, products & packaging lol. x :laughing:

(cindyheadley) #18

Ah, silly me, well good luck with your ‘tagging’ meanwhile I am glaring at mine :wink:

(Roz) #19

Just spent an hour cutting out squares for the quilt from the felt I made last night. Coffee time, tidy up, a bit of admin and then maybe some making.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #20

We bought school shoes, first pair tried on and were bought!!!
( also bought 3 more balls of wool, beautiful colours, couldnt leave them in the shop, they looked lonely, needed them for new ideas !)
Girls loved the hot chocolate and cake treat, so all in all a good days shopping
need to get supper in the oven and get down to my knitting
Suzzie x