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Happy Valley - Episode 3 ...did you see it?

(by John) #1

I am …I’m flippin’ hooked! Just watched episode 2 on catchup. Sarah Lancashire’s ‘eye makeup’ …a bit too realistic!!

(Funky Mosaics) #2

Absolutely, I’m hooked too! If Sarah Lancashire is in it, I watch it. She is a great actress. Loved the other thing too; I forget the name…last tango in… halifax?


(by John) #3

Yes that was it Last Tango in Halifax. Didn’t see it myself but hear rave reviews!

(by John) #4

Crikey, just watched episode 3. Very gritty. Stomach churning.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

I turned off when that bloke mentioned a dog being trained up for a fight- I take it he was lying and he was going to put the girl in the cellar? I wanted to keep watching but I couldn’t risk there being a dog fight shown, it upsets me too much.

(Liz Dyson) #6

I watched episode 4 on catch up a little earlier - I felt all wrung out afterwards and needed a quiet moment with a good cuppa to clam my nerves.

Don’t worry, @plainprimitives, it is safe to watch the rest on catch up - no dogs come into it at all.


(by John) #7

No, no dog fights, no dogs. It was the girl. I was on the edge of my seat at the end though …I hope the ambulance gets there in time!!

Sarah Lancashire is just brilliant in it.

(Stephanie Guy) #8

Still traumatised.

(Sarah Eves) #9

Yep - me too :slight_smile:
Really disturbing, but great acting!

(Susiesuniquechic) #10

Yes. I found it very gritty with anunexpected ending. Loved it.