Folksy Ltd

Warning Attempted Scam!

This evening received message thro folksy saying brittanyandy 101 @ yahoo etc is interested in one of my items,then repeated requested for my PayPal ID ,as he /she couldn’t describe the item confirmed my thoughts it was a ploy to get my details ,be careful :smile:

Thanks for the warning. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Lindaleonard - did you report them to Folksy too, as they can get the user banned. :slight_smile:

Not sure how to do that Heidi will check later.linda

Yeah, scam.

Not so much for the ID since all anyone needs to pay via PP is the recipients registered email address. More likely they would scam you for the cost of the item that they somehow will not receive.

Same one I had yesterday - reported it , had a reply later in the day to say they had been removed

This scam always targets the most expensive items in a shop and basically the end up with the cost of your item - can’t remember exact details but its a classic ! ( aka ’ the oceanographer at sea’ scam )