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Having different crafts in same shop? Advice?

I’m thinking does it look a bit unprofessional if you have more than one craft in your shop? on looking around the site and everyone’s stores they all seem to stick to pretty much one principle of craft, if I do something completely different too would I be better having a 2nd Folksy Store?

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I would think that if they make sense and products blend together it might work. Then, it depends on how many products in each category you’ll have and how you will organise them in sections and your shop. I’m not too sure…

But have you read this post about finding your niche?

It might help you decide…

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funny you should ask this as I have only ever had one selection in my shop but in the evenings, I like to knit or crochet and as I have a plus account, I have decided to offer some of my knitwear for sale in my shop…which is not art.
I thought about it for a long time and didn’t want to spoil the look of my art exhibition…but decided to leave all my knitwear listings on the last page, so that you only see ART when you go to my shop.
However, I have obviously created a collection that can be clicked on on my front page.
As I understand it…and I might be wrong.(I am sure someone else will know) that if you have two shops you have to have two of everything…(plus accounts, paypal, emails etc) and that would be too complicated for me.
Other people have selections in their shops and so rather than have my knitwear sitting in a drawer, it is now for sale in my shop.
Go for it…join me…lol


It would depend on whether the things logically went together and you could get the shop to feel consistent with the range of items…
Sorry not much of an answer.

Not really sure if it effects anything. As we have a collection section in our shops now its easy for people to see what they specifically want to see.
I have separated my home décor from my jewellery and sales have reduced the last couple of years, but no idea if that’s due to separate shops.

I put some little models in my shop last year as I enjoyed making them and was a bit jaded with pewter. I think they compliment each other quite nicely. When I added some cards as well, though, it looked a bit too much of a jumble so I removed them (I’d only ever sold one of them anyway)…

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I have a shop of collections so many different types of items therefore more choice for potential customers.

I think of it as a department store where you have all sorts of wears on offer but in different departments/collections.

The more variety you have on offer in a shop the less need to go search in ‘other’ shops.

Many people like to shop under one roof rather than go from one store to another.

One thing I would say never just have 1 item in each collection that looks a bit empty .

For instance when I started my blanket collection I made sure I had more that just one to start it. It’s now looking a wee bit empty to me as it only has 7 left so I know I need to make at least a couple more.


I have quite a few different ‘types’ of thing in my shop - cushions, wall art, greetings cards. I have been told that it looks ok as everything is of the same style as I wondered the same thing.
I group things together as collections and try and ‘feature’ different types of item so it doesn’t look like I only sell one type of item when you only see the top of the page.


I used to do a bit of everything and had it all in one shop but then got addicted to felting and as my felt collection grew the other items began to look out of place so I removed them. I have recently re branded my shop and kept the other one to put my other style of craft items in, although it is still empty at the moment. My shop has lots of different types of item in it but they all have felt in common so I just separate them into different collections. I think it is just a personal thing really. If you do lots of different types of things having them in different collections in one shop is fine but if you concentrate on one thing and just have the odd spurious item it may look a bit odd but maybe thats just the OCD bit of me talking - I like everything ordered! If you have more than one shop I think you need different emails for logging in but can use the same paypal account. The plus account only refers to one shop so either you have to do a second shop on a pay as you go basis or have a second plus account.

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If you have a ‘look’ to your stuff that is fairly cohesive then I don’t think it matters what sort of things you sell as you will attract customers to whom that look appeals.

That being said, it’s your shop so do what you want! I don’t think it will put someone off buying from you if you have a mixture of things and styles.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been selling for a few years now and am still working on my ‘look’. It’s evolving … but really slowly!



I have quite a wide range of different things in my shop and I think it makes for a more interesting shop. I know I spend more time browsing in shops with lots of catagories and am more likely to find something I like. Can’t imagine the hassell and cost of running two shops!!

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I have a pretty eclectic mix of things, although these days I am concentrating more on textiles than anything else - some hand sewn, some mainly made on the sewing machine. I think it’s more important to have a cohesive ‘story’ to your shop, which in my case means trying to develop a distinctive style to my photographs, focusing on clean bright colours and establishing a particular style for my product descriptions. And trying to make products that don’t copy other people. Seems to work OK for me… But most importantly, do what feels right for you :relaxed:

Jane xx

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As I’m fairly new myself I feel I’m still trying to find my niche! As a result I’m having (and planning to have more) several various crafts listed. I’m hoping some direction will evolve for me as I work through different things. I guess the trouble is if you genuinely enjoy making lots of diverse things should they be in the same shop or is it better to sell certain lines elsewhere? Only time will tell I’m guessing!


Thank you all for your suggestions, I think I’m a bit distracted with other items, and maybe I need to concentrate a bit more on one craft and getting that a bit more polished (if you all know what I mean). I can’t think of a craft I don’t like? Decoupage, Pyrography, Prints, Abstract Art and anything sticking or painting I love ! My drawer’s and cupboards are stuffed with random craft items, I will find my Niche one day, apparently everyone has a secret talent, I’m just still trying to discover mine.


I agree with you Eileen.

I also like to keep my shop stocked (well I try LOL) with different choices,but that does not always work for everyone, it is just that I get bored with making the same thing, which sometimes I wonder if it is a good idea or not because you could be stuck with so much stock of something that does not sell. But the crafting keeps me sane LOL.

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A wise person once told me if you can create well, more than one type of item them stick with that group of items first start with about 5 or 6 in each category then keep a record of which category you sell most of. Then you know which categories to make most of but still be offering some variety.

At the moment in my shop I sell more of certain knitted and crochet item along with certain sewn items then comes my papercrafting. So I concentrate more on my knitting, crochet and sewing but add the odd papercrafting item that way I don’t get bored and I have variety for potential customers to choose from but they know what sort of things I can create. That way I’m not creating humps of items in one area that I might not sell so much of or as quickly as I would like.

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