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Hello, I am new to Folksy

My name is Geraldine and my shop is My Little Angel Babyknits. I sell baby cardigans and outfits which I knit.
I knit traditional matinee style jackets in pale baby colours but I also do more modern styles, many my own design in more vibrant and funky colours. My knitting has gone all over the world….to family, friends and friends of friends, and there is nothing nicer than seeing children in the garments I have made.


Hello Geraldine, Welcome to Folksy, I’m fairly new here myself. Good luck with your shop.

Hi Geraldine

Welcome! I wish you all the best on here. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Make sure you take part in the forums. It’s a good way to share you work and encourage each other.


Hello Geraldine, your work is beautiful, good luck with your shop. xxx

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome Geraldine, what a love shop you have, wishing you every success with your shop.
Lynn :grinning:

Welcome Geraldine and the knits are lovely. I always think babies look really well cared for when dressed in hand knitted clothes. :slight_smile:

Welcome to folksy and good luck with selling.

Welcome to Folksy. Your shop is lovely. Hope it all goes well for you.

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Hello everyone i am gemma from uniquenessgemz. I am new to folksy too. I hope this summer brings everyone good luck with sales

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Hello & welcome :grinning:


Thank you…look forward to exploring all the shops on Folksy.:blush:

Hi Geraldine - I’ve had a look at your shop and your designs are lovely x

Welcome to Folksy. Wishing your beautiful shop lots of success. Natasha x

Hello Geraldine, welcome to Folksy, good luck with your lovely shop. :slight_smile:

Hi Your baby knits are wonderful. Love the colours you use. If I had a baby to buy for I would buy one. xx

I think for me Christmas presents will be sorted on Folksy…the problem is there is SO much beautiful items…so many very talented people.