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Hello I've rejoined folksy

(LisaDidIt) #1

Any tips on how to get my items viewed ive started adding to my shop today thanks in advance

(Jo Sara) #2

Hi Lisa,

If you make sure the photo you use as the main image of your item is cropped to square, the thumbnail that appears in Folksy searches will have the whole item showing and will encourage customers to click into your shop. At the moment, your cloud mobile is missing its top and bottom making it hard to make out what it is, so wouldn’t catch the attention of a browser. Easily sorted though. And it only needs to be the main image that’s square, once customers are in the item page the whole photo is shown whatever shape it’s cropped to, it’s just the main image that is used for search thumbnails.


(LisaDidIt) #3

Thank you Jo im sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually its good to be back.

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #4

Hi Lisa welcome back, there are loads of threads that you could join in that help with promotion, join in and promote :slight_smile:
You also need to add a little ifo about yourself, your craft on your meet the maker page, that way people will feel they know you and it may just help with that sale.
More detail in your item description would be good too, for example how big is the whale mobile, is the thread strong, would it snap easily if my baby reached for it, is it baby safe, any sharp bits or beads that could come off easily if my baby were to reach and grab it.
Just an idea, these are things i would want to know before buying something baby related.
Good luck and i hope you have many sales, especially with xmas coming up
Jax x

(LisaDidIt) #5

Hello i have just added some info to my bio see what you think I will start to add more info to my shop items I think i just get carried away with getting it out there thanks so much for taking the time to help me x

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(Helen Healey) #6

Hi Lisa. The items you’ve listed so far are gorgeous. My main tips would echo the above… Make sure that your main image is cropped to square before listing so that bits don’t get snipped off (I learnt this the hard way and am still working my way through my shop retaking and resizing photos!) Also, add measurements to your descriptions so that customers have an idea of the size of the items. Certainly no improvement needed to the products themselves - very cute! I’ve added some hearts to your shop.

(LisaDidIt) #7

Oh wow thank you Helen for your kinds words,i shall pop over and take a look at yours to.

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(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #8

We are all the same Lisa … Eager when we first start adding items, then as we keep adding everything starts to become automatic :smiley: Looking great though it does take time, don’t forget your sizes hun.