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HELP! Can you let me know what you think of my photos

Ahh photos, for most, the biggest problem when selling on line.
Yet again I am having another go at taking photos of my jewellery, this time I have put a bit more effort in, buying a light box and studio lights and learning how to use my camera better!

This listing still has the old photos

Where as this listing has the new ones

What are your thoughts?

My husband thinks they need colour (but being an artist of VERY colourful pictures he would say that!) he thinks I should have pot pouri in the dish and scattered about - I think not!
I was thinking of getting a white flower, again he thinks it needs to be a red flower!

Anyway I’m not going to do anymore until I have had some constructive comments that I can take on board.
Thanks muchly in advance for any advice.

I’m rubbish at photos, so I’m not a great judge, but here’s my thoughts.

I like the new ones better. I like the simplicity of the set up, and I like the two different backgrounds and them being plain as opposed to the wood grain effect. Nice and clear. The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t get a idea of the size of the piece from the photo and it might be good to include something to show the scale.


I was thinking I might do one with a coin in, I worried that that might make it look like something on Ebay tho!

On the new photos you have a couple of shots with a black background and I think they are the best, the dark backdrop really makes your jewellery pop.


I like the photos with the black background, it makes the silver spirals really stand out :blush:

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