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Help! I can't sign into my Folksy!

(Donna) #1

Is anyone else having problems? Folksy signed me out and it just wont let me sign back in!!

(Donna) #2

It’s ok I cleared my cookies and cache and it works now. I panicked a bit then lol
Donna x

(Sian ) #3

Hi Donna

Sorry, we just ran an update. More info:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

Im glad I saw this I cant sign in either. will wait and see if i can later on.

(Sian ) #5

If you sign out and back in again, that should fix it

(Sarah Lambert) #6

Ooo I was panicking.

(Sarah Lambert) #7

You can’t sign out if you can’t sign in :slight_smile:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #8

I am signed out but cant sign in again!

(Claire Davis) #9

I can’t sign in either! I am signed out and when I try and sign in it just keeps taking me back to the login page.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #10

I tried it with chrome book and I can get onto Folksy but cant using my normal computer using mozilla firefox

(Claire Davis) #11

I’m on Firefox, will try Chrome on my tablet.

(Donna) #12

I went into my history and cleared my cookies and cache and have managed to sign back in with no problems
Donna x

(Sian ) #13

Can you click on your username at the top? That should log you out.

(Diane Keeble) #14

I am having the same problem.

(Doug Livesey) #15

Hi – sorry about that, it’s because of some updates to the session handling code we had to put out.
Clearing the cookies should certainly fix the issue.
Also, when I first logged back in, I tried clicking on my username at the top, then signing out, and signing back in again.
Sorry about the inconvenience of this.

(Sian ) #16

If you’re not sure how to clear your cache or cookies, there are some instructions here:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #17

Thats me sorted went to my logo at top right and clicked on log out which was in red and that logged me out although I thought I was already logged out ,Gosh this is confusing! Then I logged in and that me up and running again
Thank you

(Claire Davis) #18

Cleared my cookies and cache, and all is back to normal now :slight_smile:

(The Crafty Otters Holt) #19

I had the same problem. Wasn’t happy as had almost finished a listing, now have to redo it.

(Diane Keeble) #20

I can’t sort mine - it knows who I am on here but when I go to the front page it says sign in. I have logged out on this page but when I click sign in it knows me again straightaway ion this page but can’t get anywhere else :frowning: have cleared cookies etc