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Folksy keeps signing me out when listing an item

This keeps happening to me and it is starting to drive me nuts. Not only do I have to keep signing in several times a day (despite never logging out, the page remaining open and my FB account staying signed in too) I am now finding that when I go to list something, Folksy has signed me out so I just get a blank page after clicking the list this item button, and I’ve lost the whole listing.

Any one else have this problem? I use a tablet (husband works from the laptop) an HP slate 10 to be precise. Is it something to do with this? At this rate I’m going to have to start writing up descriptions and copy them across just in case.

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How frustrating! Are your listings saved in drafts after you’ve been logged out?

No, they aren’t! If they were saved as drafts it would be bit annoying but I could cope with that.

Nope the whole listing seems to disappear into the ether in-between me reviewing it and me listing it!

Oh no, that would drive me nuts! I hope someone can shed some light on it!

Email admin ( and get them to investigate (they might tell you to make sure that all updates to your browser have been installed in the first instance). In the meantime have you tried copying a listing, changing the photo and then previewing it? Once you have previewed it it will get saved to your drafts and you can then go back and change all the other relevent details.

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Thanks Sasha, I will try all that you suggest!

I’m currently using one of your bookmarks in my visitor comments book whilst I’m holding my open studio, I make sure its name side up for you in case anyone takes a shine to it.

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Ooh thanks Sasha! Kind of you to give me a bit of free exposure!

Do you have the option of ticking a box to stay signed in? I use a tablet, could you sign out and sign back in before you start to list? Just a couple of my thoughts! Do you keep your tablet updated too? Mine tells me when it wants to, I lost all my predictive text last time, but at least I know it’s up to date.

Hi Sue, there’s no box next the sign in via Facebook button but I’ve clicked the one under the regular sign in boxes.

Both browser and OS are fully up to date. My browser is Firefox for Android so it might be that as it can be buggy sometimes. I used to use Chrome but then it updated itself and now no longer works so I had to switch.

I might have to sign out and in before I list just to make sure. As long as I remember that is!

Do you sign in using the regular sign in boxes, I do, sometimes it signs me out, but not enough for it to become annoying! I hope you resolve it soon :purple_heart:

No, I sign in via the ‘sign in with Facebook’ button. I’m wondering if this might be the issue. As I said before FB is always signed in but I wonder if the browser is unable to remain signed in as it is a through this site.

Still doesn’t explain why the listings don’t get saved in drafts though…darn computers!