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Signing in to Folksy every time I come back to the site

(Fiona Humphrey) #1

Hi, it’s been going on a while, I guess it’s just irritating me enough now to ask for help. I know we have to login for forums, but why do I now have to sign in for the site as a whole every single time? Is there anything I can do to change settings so that I can remain signed in as I used to?


(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

You’d have to do that in your own computer settings.

It’s always best to log in each time for security especially if you share a pc/lap etc. You don’t want others getting into the dashboard of your shop.

(Fiona Humphrey) #3

Ok fair enough and thanks for the reply.

I am the only one who uses this computer though and don’t have to re-sign in on other sites. I guess I don’t understand why it changed. I don’t mind signing in each day for example, but unless I leave a tab open with my Folksy page up, then I have to re sign in however many times I visit the shop in any given day. Hey ho.:slight_smile:

(Rachel) #4

I have to sign in each time too, I never used to and like you Fiona @InkyprintsOriginals I am the only one that uses this machine. I have tried deleting cookies etc but it hasnt changed. Rachel

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #5

Same here - there used to be a little tick box for ‘keep me signed in’ which has now disappeared. I hate signing in every time - ok, it only takes seconds, but it’s still irritating.

(Leathermeister) #6

I am the only one who ever uses my computer, it is very frustrating to continuously have to sign in as well. love to know if we can change it.

(Joanne Joyce) #7

I don’t like signing in every time either, I am also the only one who uses my laptop and I check folksy quite a few times a day. I never used to have to sign in every time and I wish the keep me signed in box would come back.

(Deborah Jones) #8

I find I have to do this on IE but not on Chrome or Safari.
However Chrome doesn’t seem to like the continuous threads on the new forum ( can’t upload all the content) and Safari’s home page is too mad to contemplate, so I too am stuck with the pain of signing in each time.

(Claire Davis) #9

Same here, the little tick box to stay signed in has disappeared, very annoying. I’m on Firefox, haven’t tried it with anythng else.

(Amanda Robins) #10

I have to sign in every time via Chrome. It’s only a recent thing though - maybe for the last 2 months.

(Rachel) #11

yes @chicita it never used to be like that until recently

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #12

Lol! I do sympathise and I know all the security blah blah blah…but it IS irritating!!! You are not alone! There are so many ‘G’'s and 'E’s in mine that 8/10 I always have to log in twice!!! had I known, I’d have just used my name and nothing else!!! :slight_smile: Mx

(Diane Keeble) #13

I have to sign in several times a day and I didn’t used to - I use a desktop and I’m not worried about the security. It started a few weeks ago and it is irritating.


(Rachel) #14

Could we ask why this is @sianfolksy please? thank you

(Claire Davis) #15

I seem to recall it started around the time that everyone was having problems signing in ( a few weeks ago). I think when it was all fixed and back to normal I discovered that the tick box was gone! Coincidence?

(Fiona Humphrey) #17

Seems it’s a bit of a ‘thing’ then. At least I know it’s not just me failing to do something to my computer. Does bug a bit though - not the largest glitch in the world but an irksome one. Ah well. Thanks for all the replies. :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #18

Glad it isn’t just me. And it’s the same on Chrome and Firefox. Started in September when I was away so when the alternative signed in and non-signed in Front screen was introduced I should think.
I really do not need to sign in everytime I go into one of my used websites, once in I want to stay in. So hopefully now we’ve brought it to support’s attention they will fix it back the way it was.
Joy xx

(Minerva) #19

I get that too, but I just click on the blue button on top right. I don’t have to put in a password or anything.
Are you seeing something different?

(Fiona Humphrey) #20

Are you thinking of signing into forums maybe? I think we all get that and it’s fine. It’s more the signing into the Folksy website that irks slightly. It’s not a big deal, but we didn’t used to have to sign into the website every time we left it (ie closed that tab/window) but now I do have to and it’s a bit annoying - I don’t like leaving loads of tabs open all the time. Now that I know it’s not just me being stupid about a setting, then I’ll simply get on with it, I was just hoping there was a way to circumnavigate this change. Cheers though. :slight_smile:

(Minerva) #21

Oh I didn’t notice that. I have, however, noticed that if I’m looking at the main page and click on an image, it takes me to the seller’s shop and then I’m logged out!