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Help! I'm a newby could someone review my shop please

(Harwood Richards) #1

I’m fairly new to all this and have spent a while listing , so far I’ve had a few views and no sales. could someone take a look and give some feed back

(Kim Blythe) #2

I have just had a quick look and you may want to check your descriptions…You lilac brooch bouquet says in the description that it is turquoise, and visa versa…
This sort of thing can put people off…
Do you promote on any social media sites, with links back to your Folksy shop?

(Harwood Richards) #3

Hi thanks for looking , yes I have a link to my face book page, thanks for spotting the errors

(Jo Sara) #4

You’ve got ‘Dolls House’ in some of your titles, and ‘Dollshouse’ in others. If it’s usual for people to search for both, you should try and get both spellings in the same listing. I searched for ‘Dolls House Rug’ and you didn’t come up because all of your rugs have the ‘Dollshouse’ spelling in your title and description. If you’d had ‘doll’s house’ in your description you’d have been picked up, even though it’s ‘Dollshouse’ in the title.

Hope that helps.


(Kim Blythe) #5

Yes, I saw you had a link from Folksy to Facebook, but your Facebook page has no promotion of your Folksy shop. I clicked on a couple of links on the page and they took me to Twitter and Etsy, not Folksy.

(Elaine) #6

Hello! I have to say the bouquets are gorgeous and the little doll’s house cushions are so detailed.

When clicking on your shop items the photos look good, but because they are rectangular they aren’t as suitable for the main shop front. Unless a potential buyer goes direct to an item page, their first port of call will be the shop front, so they need to be able to see clearly what the item is even though it is a relatively small photo. Photos are the majority of on-line shop owner’s worst nightmare - I’m never happy with how my photos turn out! If you have a read of Folksy’s page on photos and sizing etc it’ll give you good idea of the best format - I try and crop mine to 642 x 642 to keep it all uniform. It’ll be a right pain to begin with, especially for the bouquets etc. as they take up quite a lot of space, but you can of course, still have your other photo selections in the larger size, just the main one being square.

With the darling little cushions, you could have the two together, slightly overlapped in order to fit them into the small photo. With the bedding, I thought the second photo, of the whole bed, would be a better image for buyers to see.

Good luck with your new shop - keep up the good work.


(Harwood Richards) #7

thanks for that, there should be I will have another look at that

(Harwood Richards) #8

thanks for your feedback

(Harwood Richards) #9

thanks for the advice