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Just opened my shop

hi, im new and have just opened my shop, added a few of the types of thing i will be selling. would anybody be so kind to pop over and have a look and tell me what you think, any tips on selling on folksy or tips for my shop,the appearance, prices,pictures ect i will be grateful, thank you

Hi, just had a quick nosey at your shop. You have some very pretty items, but I think your photos could do with brightening and some of them need cropping as they have dark corners (I’m always having to do this with mine when the edge of the board I’m photographing them on shows in the photo).

I think the thing that strikes me most is the lack of capital letters in your text. Not everyone is great with grammar and punctuation, but it really does help to give your shop a professional finish if the text is good. If you struggle with it yourself is there someone you can ask to check your text when you do listings?

Good luck with the shop.

Hi there and welcome :slightly_smiling:
There’s lots of tips over on the Folksy blog. Grab a cuppa first though as there’s a lot to digest! But it will help.

Lovely shop. Have to agree with Sara @DandelionsGallery re: photographs and text. I also notice that you don’t appear to be using any tags - these are really important for you to be found in the Folksy searches - you have 15 you can use so put down everything you think people might search for in order to find your item. I would also include a few more measurements - your beaded hair decoration doesn’t say how long it is or what size beads are used and your jewellery sets don’t have necklace/bracelet lengths on them. Remember people have to rely on your photographs and description to get a “feel” of the product as they can’t physically see it. Hope that helps a bit and good luck :slightly_smiling:

Yeah I agree with what’s been said above. There are a fair few spelling mistakes as well- I know a lot of people type their descriptions into Word or something similar before hand and it will pick things like that up. So that may help. I personally think it’s really important to have the description correct in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar otherwise it comes across as quite unprofessional and people are less likely to buy. There was a thread on here as well a little while back talking about the same thing and it did seem to be the overall opinion.
There are several threads on here and Folksy Blog entries on getting your shop looking ship-shape so I would take a look there. It’s definitely a bit of a learning curve but it will really help! :slightly_smiling: Also you might want to take a look at other successful shops on here to see maybe their style of photos and writing- not to copy of course but just to get a feel for it all.

I would also recommend you just use he forum too- just because people on here are really friendly and often discuss things that may be really helpful.

Good luck with it all! Hope you enjoy it. :smiley:

I agree with Sara but I must add that I am a spelling and grammar freak.
Girls dress should be Girl’s dress…There are also some grammatical and spelling errors which I am sure someone can help you with.
Can I also query the measurements on the dress?
It says chest 13" and length 11". The dress (from the photos) clearly looks a lot longer than the width across the chest…Even the length of the skirt looks longer than the chest does.
The dress is lovely by the way…and welcome to Folksy.

The chest size will be the circumference, however, the numbers still don’t make sense!

I would add washing and drying instructions for your crochet dresses. For all my crochet and knitting I add washing instructions. There should be a band on your yarn ball that tells you the washing instructions such as machine wash up to 40 degree’s or hand wash only or lay flat to dry,
these sort of instructions.

I don’t think anyone has yet mentioned you need to promote your shop and items on social media sites so people will get to know you have a shop and what you sell. Also you’ll need to do lots of mouth of word ie telling people. So business cards are very helpful as you can give them to people you tell.

Here is a list of social media sites you might want to look into


I hope some of this helps and if you have questions about using any of these social media sites to promote your shop then please don’t forget to ask as I’m sure someone will be able to help.

As said this is a very friendly and helpful forum as we are all try to help each other out as much as we are able.

And a big welcome to you :smile:

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thank you for these tips, i didnt thin k of the washing instructions, i will do that now tho, i didn’t realise there was sooo many social media id only herd of facebook, pintrest and twitter, i shall have a look threw all them.

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