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(Diane Mothergoose) #1

I am getting very frustrated with folksy listings, how is it that I list something and it is not on the first page? I listed 6 Christmas stocking the other day and they were on the page 3 of Christmas stockings.

(Joy Salt) #2

Sorry but I don’t understand why you would expect to always get your things on the front page. I list something or other almost every day but don’t expect to be on the front page and even if I am for only a few minutes until I’m knocked off again. In fact it is very rare indeed for me to even check as I’m pretty sure that most of my shop business doesn’t come from there.
I really don’t see that it makes much difference. If someone wants a Christmas Stocking then they will find yours even if they don’t happen to be looking at the front page when you have just listed them.

Maybe I am misunderstanding you. I have just liked a couple of your quilts in the hope that got them to the front page as they are lovely :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Marg) #3

You really need the Plus Account if you want your items to be on page 1 or 2, as you can relist your items when you see them move to page 4 or 5 (but only once a day for each item). I don’t have a plus account at the moment so my items go down and down as other similar items are listed after mine, and of course if someone with similar items to yours for example lists their whole shop on any one day and they say have 30 items in the same category, that will move yours to appear after that large relisting, and if a couple of shops do that, then down the pages your items will go. I suppose that’s the “fairness” of Folksy.

I don’t fuss where my shop items are, if I sell something that’s great, but if not it doesn’t matter, because after 6 months they are given to my favourite charities anyway, but I understand that not many people can work their shop that way. I do better on other sites with my quilts, but I love Folksy and the helpful Forums, so stay here.

( Carol ) #4

A plus account doesn’t mean you’ll end up on the front page. It’s just like @JOYSofGLASS says.

(Joy Salt) #5

They’ll still only be at the top until someone else comes along and lists something and knocks you off your spot. Nothing to do with fairness or otherwise. People run their shops as they see fit and are entitled to do that.
If one selling / promotion approach works then good, if it doesn’t work then maybe try changing it.

This has been discussed so many times and still it makes no sense to me who Never Ever bothers to check where my things are in the categorised listings and I would be pretty amazed if it made anything more than a 0.001% difference to my sales.

(Kim Onyskiw) #6

If you post in the middle of the night they can be right at the top for hours… but for all that time there’ll be hardly anyone browsing Folksy to see them. If you post at a popular time of day, then there’ll be lots of other people listing things too, and especially at this time of year there’s probably a lot of competition for Christmas themed items, so they’ll be knocked down the listings faster.

If you checked where they were showing straight away then it does seem quite excessive to already be 3 pages back, but as @MemyCrafts said, maybe someone else had just relisted all their Christmas stock. It you’re worried about where they show up it might be a good idea to spread out your listings a little in future so they don’t all get stuck behind one bulk listing.

(HeidiMeier) #7

Hello Diane, as everyone has already said, you’ll never be at the top of the newly listed items for long.

HOWEVER, that’s not necessarily an issue anyhow, because not everyone searches for things online in the same way.

So to give you an example, if I wanted to buy a poinsettia fabric Christmas stocking (which I can see in your shop) yes I might type in ‘Christmas stocking’ first. And you are right in that I might not reach page 3 and therefore see your one, which would be a perfect fit. But don’t think that I would buy one of the ones on page 1 or 2 instead. What’s more likely is that I will change my search phrase, so that for example, I would then search for ‘Poinsettia Christmas stocking’.

When I type in Poinsettia Christmas stocking, now only nine items appear and bizarrely none of them are stockings!! But imagine of your title had the description ‘Poinsettia Christmas stocking’ or ‘Christmas Stocking - Poinsettia design’. Then ten products would appear and guess what - your stocking would be the only one featured. So my next action as a potential buyer is far more likely to be that I zoom in on your listing, have a read and then decide.

So what I am saying is don’t worry your item is knocked off the recently listed pages. Have a think about how people who are searching for those stockings might narrow down their search phrase and then target that. You’ll stand a much better chance of being found.

So whilst 1000 people might search for ‘Christmas stocking’ as a general term but not see your items, maybe 20 people search for Poinsettia Christmas stocking and potentially all of them would see your listing.

Have a play around with your descriptions and use your tags fully. If 10 people all listed ‘Poinsettia Christmas Stocking’ then the website ranking would prioritise listings which appear most suitable. So those who also have a tag ‘Poinsettia’, those who mention Poinsettia in the title and so on, will stand a greater chance of being ranked first. There are loads of really helpful sellers articles on Folksy to help you. Have a read through those and I’m sure that’ll give you loads of inspiration. :slight_smile: