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Help needed issue with payment

I have had a customer trying to purchase an item since thursday. He hasn’t got a PayPal account but pays via PayPal using his credit card. He has tried buying this item everyday but folksy says there is an issue. He has tried closing down his browser and clearing his cookies but no joy. He has asked for my help and I have no idea. Can anyone please help?

I believe there is a limit to using paypal as a ‘guest’ buyer.
Or in case it is a problem with folksy you could send an invoice to him and see if that works.

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He found me somewhere else and brought from there. He had about £30 worth of items in his basket, not just mine. I will let him know about the limit, he says he has brought a lot before from folksy so this maybe the problem. Thank you so much :heartpulse:

In future if this happens, you can send them a Paypal invoice direct then mark the item as paid here.
There is no limit on direct invoices.

I wish Folksy could sort this out with Paypal as it crops up really frequently with my customers, often for quite large amounts and I think it makes me and the site look unprofessional. I have never had it happen on the other side , so I think they must have a better arrangement.

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Thanks Deborah. It’s not the first time it has happened to me either. The customer was great and kept trying but I felt unprofessional. It also makes me wonder how many customers this happens to but don’t contact us.

Funnily enough this happened to me yesterday. I agree that it makes us look unprofessional, especially as the buyer contacted me via FB to tell me about the problem which would have put my other followers on notice. Everything went through via a direct invoice a few hours later, but I could also have posted my order earlier in the day and it might have got to the buyer sooner.

It is an issue which is a problem, and I would prefer this was fixed sooner rather than later.

Sam x

It seems to have been an issue that has gone on to long. Like I said it makes me wonder how many more customers just don’t contact us. Glad like me you got it sorted.

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I have to add that some people I have spoken to do not like Paypal, as they think that having a password system is a security risk.

Sam x