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Urgent help needed please

Hello everyone. I have had no problems receiving payments until now. I have had an email from folksy saying customers are having problems paying me with Paypal. I sell on other sites and do not have any problems there. I have also called paypal just to check my details and they cannot find a problem their end. Can anyone help. I have no idea what the problem could be.


It may be a spam email maybe? I know there was one going around a week or so ago with wording to that effect…



When I go to ‘orders’ is says waiting payment


Oh that sounds like an genuine issue then if you can see the orders as unpaid, maybe contact Folksy to see if they can help…



Yes, I have sent them a message this morning. Do you know if they have a tel number I could call ?

Have you tried invoicing your buyer through paypal? Maybe the buyer is having an issue rather than you if you see what I mean?

I have had 3 recent buyers and all of them are having trouble paying so there is a problem somewhere but paypal said that nothing was wrong there end. I have received payments from other sites ok.

It does sound like there is an issue somewhere, how frustrating. I’d invoice the buyers for now as a quick fix. Hopefully folksy will be in touch with advice soon.

This link may be helpful:
"I’ve got an email from Folksy saying a buyer is having problems paying. What should I do now?"

I’ve just had a strange experience with Paypal - I’m trying to purchase something (here on folksy but not your shop) but paypal have decided to review the transaction so the payment is pending. I’m not sure that there is anything I can do (I can see it in my list of transactions in paypal as I was logged into my account) I just have to wait until they have finished their review. Never had this happen to me before so maybe this has happened to your customers as well?

No, that’s not it. I have spoken to paypal and they would have said. No
this is something else. Thank you for your reply.

Hi I had a similar email and it was a scam. When I get emails like that I always go in the necessary site the normal way to see if I have any legitimate messages. Otherwise I just st delete.