Folksy Ltd

Help Needed

Back after illness – glad to be back.

I missed not being able to keep my shop sections and have tried creating
collections and putting the items in via shopkeeping. I have managed
one but every time I try to create another collection it just replaces
the original one with the second one and I still end up with only one
collection. Also when I marked the three baby cards in shopkeeping it
has put baby cards beside all my items. How do I remove that.

Hi, nice to see you back :smile:

I haven’t used my collections for a while, but from what I can remember you add all your collections by using that white box and keeping pressing Create Collection. The collections then appear below in a list. You can then move them around the list by clicking and dragging to change the order they show on your shop front.

To add things into the collections you use shopkeeping as you’ve been doing. The whole list of your collections will show next to each item, even if it’s not relevant to it. Click on the collection(s) you want the item to appear in (you can put one item into multiple collections if you want), the collection name will change to being highlighted and you know that item is added into it. If the collection is greyed out your item won’t appear in it.