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Should I add some age numbers to the front of my greetings cards?

Hi. Sorry for asking yet another question. At present my cards are predominantly blank. I have added a 40 to one of my cards (on the front )just to try it out.
I was wondering if I should do a few more maybe for different significant birthdays such as 16, 18, 21 and so on. Or should I just see if anyone asks me to add a number?
Thanks again for your advice.

Personally I think your cards are beautiful and adding an age would spoil them. Maybe add in your description that age can be added for x amount so customers have the choice.

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Thank you Carol. Appreciate your comments. X

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I wouldn’t add numbers but would definitely state that an age can be added if required! :slight_smile:

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I think your cards are beautiful the way they are. Your customers might want to frame them and may not like a number on them.
However Some customers may want to see what they would look like with a number or even a name on . Could you maybe show an example in your listing what it may look like?

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I’m against numbers on cards as it automatically limits the uses for the card. But as others have said you could always show an example with a number and state that any age can be added.


This is an example of where variations would be very useful :smile:

I generally leave mine as generic as possible so that they can have more than one use. I have toyed with releasing cards for ages 1 - 10 for example but then i have to hold stock that may not sell of a number? Plus letterpress isn’t like running a digital item off. I think your cards look lovely as they are, maybe you could have a separate listing where a customer can choose a card to be personalised??

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Thank you all for your advice and lovely comments.
I appreciate it! I will leave my cards blank unless someone wants a number added.

This is definitely a “do as I say not as I do” comment but what about adding a new category such as “Age Cards” and adding ages to copies of some of the cards you’ve already listed elsewhere. Then against the description for these cards, you could add a comment like “other ages available”. That way you wouldn’t be spoiling the look of your existing blank cards and anyone who specifically wanted an age on their card would go to that category specifically for that reason.
From my own experience, I find that even though I state that my cards are all fully customizable, people don’t necessarily take that on board.