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Help with my new items please

(HeadbandHeaven) #1


I have knitted some iphone 5 & 6 cases with wool and added sequins for extra sparkle. They have only had about 5 views since last week. Would love to have your expert Folksy opinions on these please sellers?

It would really be appreciated and l will of course check your sites out too as l am always looking for a crafty bargain lol x


(Sasha Garrett) #2

You might want to revise your tags eg you have ‘whitephonecase’ which seems a little unlikely as a search term with ‘white phone case’ being more likely (I would probably have ‘white’ and ‘phone case’ as separate tags in case someone is just searching for a case and doesn’t mind what colour it is but that is just me). I would also want to see dimensions (in case it fits other size phones or other gadgetry), does the ribbing make it stretchy or add extra cushioning against knocks? (both potential selling points) and washing instructions.
Hope that helps

(HeadbandHeaven) #3

Thanks Sasha for your comments that is so kind of you. I will take all them on board and add the extra bits you have mentioned xxx

(Helen Healey) #4

To add to Sasha’s advice, do you promote your shop? There are so many sellers on here that you’ll really only get noticed if you promote like crazy using social media. There are also promotional threads on this forum that it might be a good idea to join in with. Good luck.

(Pauline Vinall) #5

Good morning I have a look and find they are nice and priced right
Good luck

(Xcaliber) #6

I came across this great piece of advice in the Folksy Seller Blog about search engines and regarding item descriptions which might be useful to you.

‘A good way of helping you write the description is to imagine that there is no accompanying image. Humans can see images and interpret them immediately but search engines need more help’.

In other words your item description is what will bring customers to your shop, i.e. Red Knitted iPhone Case/Cover Button Closure