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Hey guys, newbie here - just saying hi!

(Kei Maye) #1

Hey all! I’ve just started selling for the first time ever today, and I’m a little nervous! Wanted to say hey to everyone (and if you have any tips on selling or anything you think my page needs, that would be great) :smile:

Kei x

(Minerva) #2

Hello & Welcome to Folksy! I hope you like it here and that you do well :smile:

(Amberlilly) #3

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing from you in the forums and good luck too​:grin::grin::grin:

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Welcome to folksy. My only comment would be about your titles - you call your bags ‘pouches’, I’ve never heard them called that before and its not something that I would think of using as a search term. You might want to change your titles to ‘jungle print midi pouch/ bag’ so that it is returned in as many searches as possible.
Good luck

(Kei Maye) #6

Thanks for the feedback! I have updated now, as that was something I was struggling with when uploading, cheers!

(Kei Maye) #7

And hey everyone! Nice to meet you guys too :slight_smile: x

(Sasha Garrett) #8

Thinking about it a bit more you might also want to put the predominant colour in the title as well so ‘green jungle print midi pouch/ bag’. It took me a very long time to sort my titles out but I think I’m getting there even if some of them end up being rather long.

(Leathermeister) #9

Evening Kei and welcome to Folksy, and congratulations on your first sale. May you have many more. Hazel

(Kei Maye) #11

Evening! Thanks, hopefully I do! x

(Kei Maye) #12

Cheers for all of the help, there are so many things to consider, tis a fun journey tweaking here and there and figuring out what works and what doesn’t - really appreciate your tips :slight_smile:

(WoollyPops) #13

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: I’m relatively new too it is scary but you’ve already made a sale so well done :slight_smile: a lot of people have told me the advice of make sure your shops well stocked (I’m working on this!) And make sure your titles are searchable. Your pics are great and your items are fab :slight_smile:

(Kei Maye) #14

Hiya, thank you! It’s that whole ‘new’ feeling, but it is kinda exciting at the same time :slight_smile: - thanks a bunch for sharing tips! Your knitted softies are adorable, best of luck to you too! Xx

(Anne Hathaway) #15

Hi Kei, welcome to Folksy! I love your colours (and loved the swimsuits I saw on your Facebook page). Good luck! Anne