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Holiday Mode Dates

Is there a way I can tell my customers when I will be back from holiday? I use holiday mode when I am doing craft fairs as many of my items are one-offs and I don’t want to risk selling something at a craft fair only to find when I get home that it has sold on Folksy! Of course I also use it when I really am on holiday. It would be really good if I could leave a message saying something like “I am doing a craft fair today, but will be back selling tomorrow.” Or “I am away in the sunny Algarve until 26 August.” Even if one could just put a date when you will start selling again that would be good.

You can’t set anything within holiday mode however there is nothing to stop you putting a short note in the tagline of your shop (dashboard/ shop appearance). I’d exercise a degree of caution about doing this if you are actually going on holiday as it advertises that your house is going to be empty to potential burglars.

I completely agree with @SashaGarrett I wouldn’t advertise that you are on holiday or at a craft fair.

Definitely not, oh my word, burglaries!! why not put your listing on to delayed posting, that would work for your holiday but for your craft fairs, maybe update them while you are there or just put it in holiday mode for the time you are at the fair???

I use my tagline to let people know when I’ll be reopening, if I’m at a craft fair I usually say ‘back Monday’ or something like that, if I’m actually going to be away I put something along the lines of ‘I’m having a break from selling to catch up with family commitments back open on …’ and add the date I expect to reopen. Most casual browsers won’t know where I live so I can’t forsee a problem with break-ins but I agree I wouldn’t say ‘I’m going away for 2 weeks’

I’ve stopped putting my shop either on holiday mode or hiding the items from sale. If I get a sale whilst away from home etc I usually email the customer to tell them I’m away and if they need the item urgently. If I can’t deliver then I offer them a refund. Most customers are very patient and will wait until I return, I just keep them updated during that period.

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Thank you all for your replies and advice, especially about not inviting burglars! What a good idea to use the tag line!


I’ve just been reading a news article on how posting selfies on your twitter/ facebook etc could void your home insurance as most of them have a ‘reasonable care’ clause, all the more reason not to advertise why your shop is in holiday mode.
If anyone wants a read the article is:

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I had heard about that but the only people with access to my facebook page are friends/family (who would know I was on holiday anyway) and a few fellow crafters who don’t know where I live, surely that’s no worse than leaving a note out for the milkman or telling the newsagent not to deliver your papers (which most people did not that long ago) it seems like insurance companies are always looking for ways to refuse a claim.

Its one thing to directly tell one person (eg the milk man or paper boy) that you will be away, it another thing to tell your hundreds of followers on social media and potentially all of their followers (depending on the security settings) and any one else who’s looking. Some people are very lax on the security settings and put a lot of information on the internet.
Putting a vague message about not not being able to post orders at the moment doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is empty (you might be ill or have family visiting or just having some time off in the garden) whilst a message saying ‘I’m in the Algarve, back on X’ means that your house probably is empty. You’re right it probably is just another way for insurers to avoid paying out but having been burgled (I was in at the time) there is more to it than just financial loss and hassle. Knowing that someone has been going through your house is not a pleasant feeling so anything you can do to avoid people knowing that the house is empty is a good idea which includes cancelling the milk and not plastering it all over the web.