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Holidays announcements

(Brenda Cumming) #1

With the summer fast approaching…can I remind people not to announce on the forums that they are going on holiday. This is an open forum and it is not a wise thing to do. I know this is mentioned every year but it is worth reminding people.

(Jan Ryan) #2

Good advise… It always surprises me when people on forums, facebook and other social media sites say 'I’ll be quiet next week etc because I’m away for x days or weeks.

(Amberlilly) #3

Totally agree! My OH doesn’t even like me telling my clients!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

indeed it’s like when people used to change their answer phone messages saying they where away on holiday.

(Deborah Jones) #5

Apparently if you have mentioned anywhere on line that you are on holiday and your property gets burgled ,your insurance companies will not pay up!
I guess they actively look , to find reasons not to pay. There must have been an article in the Times this weekend about it as my OH was quoting it at me.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I don’t blame them as it’s our responsibility to keep our properties secure. That includes not telling the world and his uncle that our properties are going to be standing empty for days on end.

When people don’t think and put their properties at risk it just puts up everyones home insurance. :frowning:

(Rosesworkshop) #7

And yet we are required to put our address details on this and other sites for all to see.

(Patricia Smith) #8

Presumably this also applies to putting our Folksy shops into Holiday Mode? I was away for 7 weeks recently with my shop front proudly proclaiming ‘We’re on holiday!’ Luckily we weren’t burgled but perhaps I won’t do it again.

(Sasha Garrett) #9

I put my shop in holiday mode when I run open studios from my house - burglars would have a nasty shock if they came round as the house is full of people and I always have a (big and scary) assistant with me to do the refreshements.
(got burgled at a previous flat some years back and the guy fled when I started shouting at him so maybe its me that is big and scary…)
How would you get round putting your shop in holiday mode if you are away and unable to post orders? Would you just hide everything? I put my shop in holiday mode whilst I was away at the beginning of the year and had a previous customer query when I would be back as he was after a birthday present. If it was all hidden he wouldn’t have been able to browse and we sorted out the order when I got back (and he’d added a valentines gift to the list by then).

(Patricia Smith) #10

Yes, holiday mode is certainly useful! Perhaps we could have more control over the message on the front page. Something like 'shop temporarily closed ’ is a bit less obvious than ‘we’re on holiday’ but I don’t know if the insurance companies would be any happier!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

A shop can be in holiday mode but it doesn’t mean the shop owner has left the building as such, unless of course that shop owner has posted in the forum or other social media site that they are ‘going away’.

I don’t say one way or other when I put mine in holiday mode. The only time it’s been in holiday mode and I was away was for a week but I had a house and dog sitter but I never said any where I was going to be away.

(Caroline Jones) #12

I do wish the ‘shop on holiday’ announcement was a bit more subtle or ambiguous. I think it used to be, but now it seems to make it very difficult to tell your prospective customers you cannot process orders, but not look like you are out of the country, leaving your property at risk from thieves!
Perhaps Folksy could change the notification to a less obvious one!

(Claire Davis) #13

I put my shop in holiday mode when I go to craft fairs, in case I sell a one off item. I had never really thought that it might make it look as though I was actually on holiday, perhaps the message does need to be a bit more ambiguous.

(Deborah Jones) #14

I think it could be tweaked too . I’m trying think what wording would work better . especially as often you are only closed for the few hours you are at a fair , and don’t want your customers to go elsewhere just pop back later.

(Minerva) #15

Interesting! If it is your fault, then they don’t want to pay. But if there is an unfortunate event, then it’s a different story…

(Minerva) #16

You can update the tagline to say ‘the shop will be closed’ or something like that if you wish.
I am not sure if I would announce online that I’m at a craft fair either…

(Brenda Cumming) #17

I wonder if admin would read this and perhaps be able to change the message??

(Caroline Jones) #18

I have just tried to see how to do that and it doesn’t seem to let you change the message. Could you let us know how to do this please?

(Caroline Jones) #19

I don’t know if they do read these posts. We would have to draw it to their attention directly I assume, to get any change.

(Minerva) #20

Go to Dashboard, then Shop Appearance on the left side column with options. You will see a box for Tagline. If you can’t change it, maybe you tried more than 140 characters? I have changed my tagline a few times. Let us know if it works…