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HOLIDAYS and open forums

As holiday time is now approaching, can I please remind everyone that this is an open forum, so PLEASE do not announce that you are going on holiday. If you want to tell your Folksy friends, then send them a private message.
Always best to stay safe.


I wholeheartedly agree Brenda, it’s not wise to announce to the world that you’ll be away. You never know who might be reading, and might know where you live…


It’s a very good point. Remember that our addresses are passed on to customers who have bought from us. Also, many people have their address published on their Folksy profile and many on their Facebook page.
The police have warned about publicising our holidays, evenings/days out etc.

It’s better to just post a message in your shop, that you are busy with school holidays and will take longer to process orders, or similar. You can always blog and post in “Fancy a Cuppa”, about your lovely holiday on your return!


Good point to raise Brenda, especially more so if anyone is leaving an house empty.
Like the idea of using other reasons for a slight delay in delivery, whether house will be empty or not :slight_smile:


My shop will go soon into holiday mode, but I will be at home. I wish I could afford to go away. As summers are dead for me, I decided to take a time off from the internet.