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How did your facebook giveaway go?

I have a face book giveaway to celebrate my 100th likes but although I have nearly 600 reaches I have only gained 3 likes and 6 entries . Just wondering how your s went?

I put out a discount code via facebook and although it reached many more people than normal to didn’t produce a single order and this was in the run up to christmas!


Some people do well on facebook, wish i knew what the knack was, but i find it a waste of time! Instagram is more engaging for me!

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Are your likes genuine likes or swapped likes (ie taking part in Like Ladders, Like Swaps)? If you swap likes you won’t actually get many genuine page fans - and most people who swap likes will ignore the feed from the many pages they’ve swapped likes for. If that’s the case then that would account for the low entry.

If it’s genuine likes you have, then it’s probably because people don;t interact with your page enough for your posts to show in their newsfeed. Also, just because a post has ‘reached’ a certain amount of people it doesn’t mean they have read it - I know if I’m busy I’ll just scroll past a lot of posts.

The best thing is to do posts where people will interact with you - it takes a while to build up, but is well worth it. If I find my interaction is dropping off I post a picture of one of my bunnies - that always gets comments :slight_smile: Maybe post some cute pics, or ask for ideas, or what peoples favourite colours are etc,

Hope that helps x


I feel as if my likes are from most of my friends and not from outsiders but why arent anybody grabbing the chance of something for nothing!!
Thank you everybody for very helpful comments, I am going to pop over and have a look at your pages

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It does seem odd when people don;t take part in a giveaway, but the newsfeed is now so full of things that FB think we want to see, and not so much of the pages and people we’ve actually liked, that sadly we often disappear in the rush of other stuff.


I’m not very good with FB as I don’ really understand it. Plus, I very rarely post anything on my business page, let alone my personal page, but I do read my feed every day. To be honest, there are loads of giveaways that pop up every day and the reason I don’t enter them is that I don’t want to win whatever is on offer. Your cards are great, Diane, so I wish you the very best with your shop and your giveaway.

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I did a giveaway just before Christmas on my FB page and only have a small audience as not long started out but it did get 18 entries and a couple of extra new people to see my work and those do still engage with me which is really lovely.

I post every couple of days with mainly pictures and just recently tried a boost post too which also showed my work to few more and brought in a few more people. I think it takes time to grow and for others to see your work …so even if it’s just a few people i think it is worth it. I certainly plan to do another give away at some point and hope it will help my little business grow and get new people to see my work too and then want to stay connected to see all the new things i’m producing.

Good luck x


Hi Diane,
As I understand it, the new algorithm FB are using responds to words like “sell,” “sale,” promotion," “give-away” etc. by limiting the reach of the post. They want you to pay for using them as an advertising service so they restrict promotions to your fans. The only way to get round it is to “Boost” your post.
I did an FB give-away last week and got 10 new page likes and 17 entries. I did this by boosting the post. I only did this for £5 worth of promotion though, which I though was worth it because I got a lot of interactions. My page views have now collapsed quite a lot after the promotion though.
I’m not saying that I would boost any of my usual posts because this would cost me too much. I just make them more about the picture than plugging my links so I can reach more people.
I wouldn’t say my page is as successful as yours though-I’m still 25 likes short of my century!

Sam :fish:


@Folksycontent - What would be fantastic is if Folksy could do a feature on Facebook in the blog or in a webinar. So many of us here are not “facebook savvy” and if they were able to educate us on best practice on Facebook, it should calculate into more sales for us and that means more revenue for them. I think it is really important for a venue to provide their customers (us) with the tools to make our business better. I know that I have limited knowledge of the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter but then when I was in school the computer we had (and we were one of the first to get one in Ontario) filled a large room and we programmed using mag cards and I graduated high school in 1972. Perhaps we could ask Folksy as a group for help!

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The Folksy Blog does post tips for sellers on using social media. I found this from last year which may help.


Thanks for this Big Bird (or is it Little Bird?) I have to admit that I haven’t searched through the blog. I will, in future.
Kind regards,

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thats ace! I am suitably reassured that you do this too. I have more photos of my bunnies on my facebook page than I have of my products & when I do a draw for a giveaway its a video of Joey & Boo that pull the names out of the hat. Backfired a little last time with a 4 minute video where they were not at their most co-operative!!

that was a response to dandelions gallery earlier post:)

I’m not really sure how to do a giveaway on facebook because my page never tells me when someone shares one of my posts? Im quite put off trying to do a giveaway on FB now!

I did one on my Instagram a while ago and gained 100 new followers (not all of them entered either) and a few sales so that was well worth it I think I’ll do another one on there as it seems much more straight forward!

well my giveaway is over. I reached over 600 but only gained a handful of new likes and only had 8 entries.
My idea was to try and bring more people to my page. Hmm!