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Item sold through FB Marketplace

Hi I’ve just sold an item through FB Marketplace. How do I mark it sold on my shop on Folksy
thanks for your help

As it wasn’t sold through Folksy, you can’t mark it as sold - but you could set the Quantity to 0 or Hide the listing. I’d do the first. Don’t Delete it, though, so that if people have links to the item from outside Folksy, they’ll still work to bring them to your shop, but it will show as out of Stock.

If I sell something in my shop elsewhere, I edit the title to start “Sold” and then click the hide button. The title change is just to help me, as hidden items will still move to the expired folder after their time is up, and I don’t want to accidentally relist them.

As @HelenCliffordArt, I prefer to do that than just deleting the item as it can still be seen from outside links, and then if anyone does come across it they can still get to the rest of my shop.


When I sell something elsewhere I simply amend the title to add SOLD at the front and set the quantity to zero. This will automatically move it to the Out of stock folder and it won’t appear in your front but if someone comes to it via a link from somewhere they can see why it isnt avaialble and will hopefully contact you to ask if you have another. Happened exactly like that for me last week. So I made another and sold it to them.


There’s a couple of good tips here, thank you. I’ve never thought of adding ‘sold’ to a title just to remind myself, I’ll be doing that in future. xxx

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Yes, great tip. This will make life so much easier!

thanks for the info. I have marked title as SOLD then hidden it.
Great thanks


Nice problem to have!!


That the first I’ve sold so onwards & upwards


Thats a good idea for future. When i first joined I use to delete them but I now hide from sale but will do it this way in future :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your first sale…hope its a start of many x