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How do I post a review?

I’ve purchased a lovely item but for the life of me can’t figure how to post a review. If I click on my purchase it gives me no means to review it. No wonder I’ve got no reviews on my own shop!

Finally found it. I think most people click on purchases and expect to find the review button there.

After a certain time Folksy will email a reminder to leave a review and there’ll be a little box at the top of your page when you log in reminding you, which makes it a lot easier to find. Definitely tricky trying to find the right page to leave it before that though.

I was disappointed not to receive a review for my first sale, maybe this is the reason why! In my etsy shop, I often send the buyer an email a couple of weeks after delivery to make sure the item arrived safe and sound and use this opportunity to remind them that reviews are greatly appreciated by both the maker and potential customers. It works more often than not and increased my reviews over time. Do you know whether this is considered to be suitable protocol here on Folksy anyone?

I’ve never asked a customer for a review. I send an acknowledgement email when I receive the order and let them know how and when it will be posted so they will know to contact me if it doesn’t arrive. This often generates a friendly response and often, also, a message to say it has arrived and that they are happy. If they also leave me a review then I’m happier still but I personally hate being asked to leave reviews …If I like what I receive I do, if I don’t, I don’t ,simple…

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Folksy have just recently implement exactly this. A couple of weeks after the item was shipped, they email the buyer to ask if they would leave a review.

I wouldn’t ask them myself, I think it is best coming from Folksy, and I wouldn’t want to seem naggy!


@SeaGlassSeaham I can see how that would have been good in the past, but now Folksy send an email themselves I wouldn’t bother, so the buyer doesn’t get overwhelmed with emails.

I don’t ask customers for reviews. I think it’s tantamount to pestering and I don’t personally like it myself. If you want to leave a review, then they will. But if the review button is not easy to find, then that’s potentially a problem. I recently purchased an item and wanted to leave a review and a photo of the item on my mantlepiece but Folksy doesn’t seem to allow the posting of photos of purchased products.