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Guest buyers can now leave reviews on Folksy!


Guest buyers can now leave reviews on Folksy! The work went live yesterday and means that anyone who buys something on Folksy can now leave a review, even if they don’t have a Folksy account or forgot to sign in when they placed their order.

Guest buyers will now receive an email a few days after the allotted shipping time asking them to review their items. It looks something like this picture (although there are slight variations between different devices and email clients).

Customers with Folksy accounts will also see a notification on their dashboard (as long as they were signed in when they ordered), but this is now only shown a couple of days after the email is sent and only if they haven’t already left a review. Customers will only ever have one notification at a time and they can be dismissed on the page.

You can read about all the work we’ve done to improve the reviews system here


Yay - thankyou @folksycontent and @dougfolksy for all your hard work.

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Excellent news :blush::+1:t2:

Great news :slight_smile:

Brilliant :tada:. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @folksycontent. A sale never feels complete to me until there is some sort of feedback.

Thank you @folksycontent, this for me is a very important improvement, well done.

Thank you!

Brilliant, thank you so much!

Hooray!!! At long bloomin last! This has been such a long time coming…very pleased indeed - hopefully now peoples businesses will carry much further forward with success now that this has been installed. Happy days. :grin::smile::smiley:

@folksycontent thanks so much for this enhancement. Just found this on my front page . … what an advert for anyone wondering whether or not to buy from me (first time customer from the US who I think found me via Pinterest ) :slight_smile:) `

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Hi I just received this email - I’m confused as I thought buyers could leave a review?? - gutted as this would be a wonderful review on my Folksy page :frowning:
‘ Hi Robyn,
I’ve just been trying to leave a glowing review for your lovely work. I’m so pleased with my beautiful long tailed tit. Because I didn’t log in to an account when I purchased it, Folksy won’t let me leave a review. They need to facilitate non account customers in this respect. I will try to leave some good feedback for you on Instagram. So sorry!
Best wishes, Mo Lee
PS your work is quite beautiful. I appreciate the skill & love you obviously put into your pieces. Attention to detail is important to me & this is what makes your work special. ‘

@RobynCoetzee How long ago did they buy it? Your items say ship within 7 days, so from Folksy’s explanation, they should hopefully get an email about a week and a half after they bought it with a link to leave feedback. If it’s been longer than that, have they checked their spam folders (or anything similar) to see if the email has ended up in there?

Aha! That could be the reason why she cannot leave it as sometimes I’m able to post immediately and it’s probably too early for a review.

Is there any possibility that the email from Folksy could be sent once we have sent ‘posted’ notification @folksycontent ?

Thank you @konyskiw xxxx

Hi Robyn. The email asking for a review is sent a couple of days after we expect the item will have arrived, so that they’re not getting the email before the actual item. If you email our support team with the order number, we can have a look and see when/if the guest review email has been sent out?

Ok that makes sense -many thanks

Robyn Coetzee