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To glue or not to glue

Hi all. I’m hoping to start making little crochet flower brooches. Can anyone suggest the best way to stick the woolen flower to the metal brooch back?

Thank you in advance x

I’ve just checked the 3 crochet brooches I have and on all of them the brooch back has been sewn on using the little holes in the middle of the bar backs. You could glue but I think sewing the backs on is going to look better and be more robust.

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I would also go with sewing the back on, but really I think you should practise/experiment with different methods before selling if you’ve never made brooches before.
Depending on the size/shape of the brooch you may also need to adjust placement of the brooch back incase the brooch flops over when worn.

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Thank you both so much for your replies. Very much appreciated x

Try this tutorial