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How does my shop look?

(Astrid Huxham ) #1

I would like to know how my shop looks Blingcards on Folksy. Please tell me your opinions. Do I need to be more descriptive are the photos ok? thank you Astrid.

(Maureen Laurenson) #2

Hi Astrid. I have had a peep at your shop and I noticed that you have a very striking painting in lovely colours but any buyer looking for a painting would have no idea how large or small this is. It is very important to give the measurements or you may be losing sales.
Hope this helps. Maureen.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

The first thing that strikes me is that you have very odd prices. Why are they ending in things like 98 pence? People tend to like round pounds or 99 pence. I personally find on line the round pound works best.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

You need sizes on your bracelets too. Buyers will need to know if they’ll fit their wrists or not. Some people sell bracelets are 6.5 ins long which are too small for me, and some are 8 ins, which is too big!

I would have no idea whether yours would fit me or not. Pretty bracelets though.

(Astrid Huxham ) #5

Thank you i will do the sizes tonight haven’t had much time!!

(Deborah Jones) #6

Hi I have just had a look at your shop - you have quite a colourful variety.

You need to list stones and temporarily strung beads as supplies -not rings and necklaces or they won’t get found. Also you don’t give much information about your silver jewellery. Some rings don’t have sizes and you don’t explain what part of the making you did. As it is a handmade site customers like to know how you made things.

On my pc some of your photos are quite blurry and I notice some spelling errors.
Your gemstone necklaces are pretty.

(Karen Ellam) #7

Hello Astrid.

Your shop is lovely :blush:

As others have mentioned, measurements are crucial or folks may be put off buying.

I did notice your postage was rather steep if buying more than one item. I think your £2 is fair enough initially, but I personally would be put of buying more than one thing if additional postage is £4 an item!
So if a customer was to buy 2 light cards and a small pair of earrings postage alone would cost them £10.00!! Ouch :wink:

All the best with your shop

Karen :beetle:

(Margaret Jackson) #8

I’ve had another look now I have more time and you definitely need to work on your photography. Some photos are blurred and they generally don’t show off the lovely jewellery very well. Your additional postage costs would put people off buying more than one item. I saw one necklace with an additional postage cost of £9 if someone were to buy a second item!! That’s not the way additional postage normally works! It would be cheaper, if someone were to buy two items, to buy them separately rather than as one transaction!

(Christine Shephard) #9

Hi Astrid,
Welcome to Folksy. Yes, there are a few things you need to address -

Some of your photos are very blurred and out of focus, so try using a macro setting to get them sharper.

Your descriptons need more work - add measurements, check spelling and grammar etc.

A lot of your general jewellery has been listed in the ‘wedding - jewellery’ category, so you’ll need to correct those.

I noticed at least one item that was described as an antique piece - vintage and antique items are not allowed on Folksy unless they’re craft supplies, in which case they should be listed under ‘supplies’.

Some items (such as the opal) should be listed as supplies instead of handmade (which is for finished pieces - these must be either designed or handmade by you).

As previously mentioned, postage looks a bit odd - the first column is postage for a single item; the additional column is the extra postage you’d charge if this item were to be bought with something else, so it’s usually less than the first column.

I noticed too that you’re not based in the UK all year round. Folksy is for UK sellers only, so you need to be based here and goods should be sent from here. It depends how long you’re away, but you might have to put your shop in holiday mode when out of the UK - check with support what is/isn’t allowed.

You have some interesting things, and I think with some improvements you’ll have a lovely shop.
Good luck with it :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #10

I hadn’t noticed that you say you live abroad for some of the time and to allow extra time for delivery. I think you’d have to put your shop in holiday mode when you’re abroad as Folksy buyers expect items to be posted from the UK.