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How often do you add to your shop?

Can you see any benefit of adding regularly to your shop, do you drip feed ie add an item every so often or do you just add in bulk?

I make a new print every few months. So that’s as often as I list! It’s not a fast process for me unfortunately.

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I add afew items most days.

I make glass every day (feel funny if I don’t, must be an addiction :slight_smile: : ) so II add to my shop every day too. Whatever suits each shop and the way they work. :slight_smile:

Not often enough :blush: I re-listed a few items last night but I haven’t been very productive with jewellery lately- busy knitting and rag rugging.

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I list every day…it is hard work but it pays off, especially if you join the daily listing thread.


It can take a while to make some of my items and I spend time making commissions that don’t go into my shop (the people haven’t approached me via folksy so the sale isn’t completed via folksy) so I don’t list that frequently. Not listing everything in one go helps with potentially getting onto the front page as there is a set of boxes for recently listed items but it is limited to one per maker at any time.

I am trying to add something every week. Which usually means I have to start multiple projects.

This is a good exercise as it keeps the shop stocked and since I shout out over social media any new pieces for sale It keeps interest in my shop up.

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I am currently trying to add two items a day, it’s taken me a while to get a system going but I think regular listing has made a difference to my sales! :slight_smile:

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Most of my items take quite a long time to make, so not as often as I would like. Probably about once a month at the moment. I will have to find something that it is a bit quicker to make. Having said that photographing and listing is not one of my favourite things to do so probably that has something to do with it as well x

I try to list each day (like Joy I make glass every day!) and since I have done this my sales have gone up. This has been helped by joining the daily listing challenge thread.


I’m in the same position, can only put out as fast as I can work. Great prints by the way! :smiley:

I’m trying to list a few things each day and then share them on the forums and social media! I think its good for people to see you’re adding stuff regularly

As and when I can. I batch make my small lavender birds (in order to keep costs down) so will list a few of them at a time. My larger pieces can take a few days - I’m currently working on a commission of a Guinea Fowl and it’s been 10 days on and off so far. Nearly finished though!

I’m like Joy - my husband says I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t do some sewing every day :slight_smile: and I try to list at least 3 times a week. I like to keep my shop well stocked and use this time of year to do lots of making, as it gets very busy from about October to Christmas.

I try to list a few things each week.

The polymer clay process is abit of a lengthy one depending on what I’m making, and then there’s the photography sessions, paperwork and listing… And a part time job also thrown in to the mix.

I would love a few extra hours in a day :blush:

I do see the benefits with sales if I’ve managed a good week of new listings. I just struggle to keep the momentum up and sometimes I don’t manage many listings at all.


I’d love to add every day but unfortunately I only have one day to make and then I have to find time to take photos etc! Impressed with those of you who add daily!

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I have exactly the same issue! My one making day goes far too quickly. I think rather than listing my next lot of stock as a bulk I’ll save the listings as drafts and drip feed them into the shop.

I list every day and since I started this, I have had more sales, so it does help…hard work but it pays off.

Not enough. Im letting my shop run down so I can add a different range Im trying to make. Problem is, I havnt made many things as Im experimenting and havnt completed anything. My little shop is looking very bare.