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2017, sales so far

I was just wondering how everyone is doing so far this year.
I have been with Folksy almost 3 years and this is the quietest my shop has been. I have sold just 2 make up bags since the beginning of December. I’m beginning to think someone has locked my shop doors and thrown away the key!
I am trying to list something new each week, I’m re listing and promoting each day just as much as ever but nothing. My views are about the same, and some days are quite high for me but I just don’t know what has happened as the sales aren’t happening.
I have just lost all motivation to make more things now and am tempted to just keep relisting what I have regularly and see what happens…I can’t afford to keep making items for them to just sit in a box.
I have even thought of opening a shop elsewhere, but is it any busier on the ‘dark side’ ?


Sales on folksy this year - 1
Sales on the other side this year - 7 and they’re my higher priced items too.

I don’t expect as many sales as jewellery makers and card makers ect and to be honest, I wouldn’t keep up with those volumes as some of my items take weeks to make.

I’m happy with the 7 - not so happy with the 1 but I keep plodding on. One thing I love with folksy is people don’t have to sign up for an account to buy from me.

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I have made 44 sales this year. A few weeks ago I was going to close my shop as I felt invisible and very unmotivated, but with all the wonderful support from the forum I kept my shop open. I spent literally days listing, promoting on social media and on Facebook Folksy Group and it is finally paying off.

Don’t give up Kim, your shop is lovely. Hoping your sales pick up very soon. x

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I haven’t made any sales yet this year. I’ve had my motivation sapped a bit too. I have a couple of new things made that are awaiting a photoshoot so I can list them, and a pile of goodies waiting to be made into lovely things. I need to pull my finger out!

I’m glad your sales have improved, @TheRibbonQuarter, and you have kept your shop open. It’s good to know there is someone selling those things on Folksy. I’ll keep your shop in mind the next time I feed my button habit. I love those teeny tiny ones you have. :slight_smile:


Thanks Bekki, appreciate your kind words.

I’m finding things very quiet too. Two sales in January and no sales at all this month. My shop has never been this quiet apart from when I first opened it. It’s so frustrating. I ticked over to 95 sales in January and was looking forward to celebrating the 100 milestone when my shop just died. I too am getting views and listing and promoting just the same as ever but sales have completely dried up. I just don’t know what else to do. I’ve contemplated the “dark side” option but don’t really want to go down that route as I love it here.

So far Folksy has performed the same this year as it did for the same period last year - alright but nothing to shout about. The darkside has done nothing so far this year except cause my internet browser to fall over every time I go near it and annoy me as a result (every other web page is fine so I really don’t get it).

Thank you, that is a lovely thing to say about my shop @TheRibbonQuarter
I’m glad your sales have picked up and that you are staying with Folksy.
I just hope mine pick up soon…

My site is also very quiet and no sales, I keep painting and making other items.
I love this site as every body is so helpful and friendly so will keep on making and hope for the best.

Jan was good and Feb started well but has gone quiet the last 2 weeks- both here and on the other side. But I have been busy making not promoting, so it may be my fault.
Over all quite busy with sales, commissions and a wholesale order - better than last year so far.

I’ve had pretty good sales considering I had to close my books for commissions for a few weeks after Christmas to give myself time to catch up on things. I’ve probably done about 50 sales so far this year.

I’m on 1699 at the moment - am looking forward to hitting 1700!

Hi Kim,

You have lovely items in your shop and your photographs are really crisp and clear. Why don’t you give the dark side a try? you can list the items you have here on there, that’s what I do, just keep a close watch on both shops for duplicate sales but it’s never happened to me. It’s not very expensive to list (hope I don’t get in to trouble for saying this on forum).

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I’ve not had my shop for long, got my first two sales this year so I’m happy. I’m working on my marketing so hopefully they’re the first of many!

Thank you @dawnsneesbyjewellery I am seriously considering giving the dark side a try.
Do you promote both shops equally all the time or do you alternate between the 2?
My only concern would be Christmas…I normally get quite busy and not sure I could keep up with 2 shops then! (I also work part time).
I will give it some serious thought over the weekend…


I only had 6 sales in December which was an abysmal Christmas rush! Only 1 so far this year. I have been making and listing daily and lots of promotion (although that has waned a bit recently due to lack of enthusiasm and motivation) but its just not happening. Sales on the other side no better with only one in December and 1 this year although I don’t really expect much to happen over there as I don’t list as much and do no promotion at all.

Sales in B&M shops are better, really busy before Christmas and although quiet now they are ticking over. Really am at a loss as to what to do - was seriously considering just shutting up shop but I love making so much I don’t feel I can.

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Hi Kim,

I just tweet and facebook each time I list something new and I have a pinterest page too. Over on the dark side you do need to have your shop as full as on here and then you will have more chance of being found. When I first opened over there I only listed 4 items for the first year and had no sales, as soon as I listed lots more I started to get sales.

All of my Facebook and instagram promotion is for folksy. Twitter I promote both shops. I get a lot more views on the other side than here. I get at least 300 views a day over there, I’ve even had a day that was over 800, here it varies between 40 - 80 even though I promote it more

I’m feeling quite despondent too. I have had 3 sales although 2 were to people I know. I’m doing my best with promoting but I’m not sure I’m doing too well. However there are lots of nice people on here so the encouragement has helped me want to carry on with Folksy. I guess it just takes time.

I’ve sold 19 pieces this year. I opened in Nov 2016, sold a few then it seemed like an eternity before I sold anymore. No Christmas rush whatsoever, felt totally deflated and was going to give up the same as @TheRibbonQuarter
I posted on here how I felt, lots of people gave me encouragement and Folksy added a few items to their gift guides. I found some handcrafted groups on Facebook and followed some groups on Twitter as well as setting up my own Facebook page and then things started to change thankfully. I’m so glad I stayed, I really do enjoy the camaraderie on here, there’s always someone to pick us up. Keep going, please, your items are really lovely x


Thank you @LittleTrinketGirl.
I have a Facebook page and am in a few groups that help promote handmade, including the Folksy one. I am also on Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Craftjuice. I take part in quite a lot of the forum threads that help promote and probably spend more time promoting than making things on most days!
I have had slow weeks before during my time here but this is the worst I think.
Last year I was in quite a few gift guides but I think I have only got 1 item in a guide now. I think being in the guides or Folksy favourites really helps.
I have quite a few new items I want to make but I’m not sure whether to go ahead with them at the moment…I invest a lot of time, effort and money into trying new things.

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