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How to post a link

Hi I was wondering how I added a link from my shop so I can join in the forums with thanks kate

Hi Kate, if you go to the item you want linking, copy the title at the top and then paste, or when you open up the reply page, there is an icon with an arrow, click on this, then can be linked, follow the instructions, this then gives a larger photo and clickable link :blush:

Thank you sue will give it a go.

No just don’t think I’m getting it :confused:

Will try again tomorrow must be missing something

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Yes worked it out at last lol :blush::blush::blush:

They are brilliant Kate. Hope the sales rocket now.
Suzzie x

Well done Kate :blush:

Your egg cosies are fab!


Thank you xxx

It isn’t always as simple as you describe - I supposedly do know how to do it but usually it doesn’t work, the link stays just as a written link and doesn’t open out for you to see. Sometimes I just add a photo from my own computer to make up for it!

You have to put a ‘Return’ to get a new line, after the link. That should do it.

Yep, I do that, doesn’t usually work, only the odd time.