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I'm back and help needed everything different

Hi I hold my hands up in shame I have been away from Folksy for a while and everything seems to have changed especially here. The posts seem hard to navigate everyone is using hashtags and @ I’m not sure how to upload a link or image to favourite things. Is it all twitter and instagram now? I think I have a steep learning curve, any advice would be appreciated. How to show a link or photo of something on the forum page would be a great help to start. Many thanks. Melissa

Ps is it all card payments now and no PayPal?

Hi Melsey, I am new here, and am also finding things a bit confusing also, but then I am a “silver surfer” so will be interested in further replies.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi - you’ll soon get used to the forums @Melsey - using the @ key tags the user and gives them a notification - you probably got one because I tagged you here.

To link to a product in your shop - the easiest way is to copy and paste the URL of the item you want to show into your answer and a preview box will appear that will take you to that item if you click on it but make sure you paste it onto a line of its own with no leading spaces otherwise you will just get the link and not the preview.

If you want a larger picture - click on the mountain icon at the top of the answer box and follow the options there.

Folksy takes both Paypal and card payments.

Good luck with your return to Folksy

PS: As far as social media goes, I am clueless - I will leave that bit for someone else to answer!

Ooh I see what you mean, so I also just put a @OrchardFelts in front and it highlights your name.