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Do you use the Shop Collections feature?

We’ve just posted about how creating collections can give you a great opportunity for marketing and a few great examples on Folksy.

Do you have any questions about collections or would you like to share your latest collection? Post the links here :slight_smile:

I’m quite new to Folksy and I have just this morning put all my products into collections. It’s funny because I must have been doing it just as you were posting about it!!
These are my newest listings in their collection:

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I use the collections, although not everything I list goes into one. Here are a couple of mine. Wall art Bags

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I’m new to Folksy and just presumed everyone set up collections.

Here are a couple of mine

just realised , its a pity the collection name isn’t part of the url rather than a number.

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I’m fairly new to Folksy so i’m just building my product base up to a point where a collection maybe needed
here are my latest 2

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I absolutely LOVE the collections feature as it allows me to put items into more than one group.

eg I have one collection of bags,
some of which are VW campervans,

and another of VW campervan items,
some of which are bags

If you have more than one page of items it is vital that customers have an easy way to navigate. What would be even better is a clickable hyperlink in the description text to similar items in your shop (collection)


Oh, I definitely use collections! I have too many at the moment, so am working my way through removing the items from my badge collection and jewellery collection as I no longer do these items much.

My most popular collections are these:

Personalised Pet Items:

Rabbits and Hares:

And I’m due to bump this collection up to the top row (after Christmas it will be the last collection on the list again):

Christmas Items:

I have 18 collections at the moment - I’d like to get it down to 12.

In fact after reading the other posts on this thread, I’ve had a bit of a tinker about with my collections, so now everything I have in my shop is in a collection!

yes that would be very beneficial to me as I have matching items but in different collections. That would help to increase add on sales as they could simply click the link to take them right to the item

Hi @HilaryP - I use collections and have changed them quite a bit over the years.

In my new shop,, my textile pictures are grouped into five ‘themes’ (Animal magic, fabulous Friends etc etc), then I have placed my giclee prints into two collections, one for limited edition and one for open run and the last collection comprises all my printed cards.

It’s hard knowing what the right collections should be for my artwork, so I thought maybe collections by subject matter might be the way people like to search for art. But it’s an ongoing task and I don’t know if it’s the right way. I like the fact I can put some items into more than one collection (although I’d like to think that everyone thinks like me, and if I’m looking at an artwork site then I look at everything the artist has done, just to make sure I don’t miss anything!! A bit like searching Rightmove for houses…!!).


Noticed you shop says on holiday - just thought I’d mention in case it isn’t meant to be! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m in holiday mode until 20th September - when I counted 130+ items on my commissions list I thought I’d better take a week off from new orders until I’d caught up a bit :slight_smile: And I still have the Christmas rush to come…gulp!

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Yes, for me using collections is a must, as I sell cards, as well as prints etc, customers can find what there looking for easily!

Great to see all these collections!

I find it amazing that some sellers don’t take advantage of this simple feature. If you decided to open a bricks and mortar shop or if you sell at a craft fair the layout and grouping of your items would be the first thing you’d think about.

Morning, over the past few days i’ve added more collections, instead of all pendants, all rings etc i’ve now created Autumn coloured collection, birds, hare, flowers and Leaves to name but a few.
Here is one of them

Have been using collections since I joined - very recently - and love that you can put items in more than one collection. However, it seems that to reorder items in a collection you have to reorder the whole shop. I would like to be able to reorder my collections independently from the main order, to ensure that when all of the collections appear at the front of the shop, no two pictures are the same (i.e. where an item is in two collections). It gets quite unwieldy moving things up through the whole shop list. If there is a way to do this, could someone direct me? If not, could it be arranged?


Yes that would be great, I agree.

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