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Hybrid Watercolours

(Ronald Koorm) #1

Does anyone else do hybrid watercolours ? By that I mean a composite of a graphic or print and watercolours.
I have started experimenting, and have a couple in my shop, and considering whether I am brave enough to put others on. Mine are initially based on nature/floral/plants, but as I used to specialise in buildings/architectural photography, I may try some of those subjects in due course.

I start with a photograph I have made, and make a very light (highlight) print on matt or similar paper. It has to be the right subject matter, otherwise it just doesn’t work. Then I paint parts of the image leaving sufficient detail, and usually add other items not in the original photo. It’s certainly not ‘painting by numbers’, as one has to be very careful to enhance the image and leave in just the right amount of detail and select blends of colours.

So it start off as a special inkjet print printed on a high quality printer, and ends up a hybrid watercolour with various degrees of watercolour painting.

I found a link to a chap who specialises in buildings hybrids today, Ernest Burden. It’s not for everyone, though.

Here is one of my images

(Margaret Jackson) #2

That’s very pretty, I’ve never heard of hybrid watercolours before, but it’s very effective.

(Ronald Koorm) #3

Thanks for your kind comments.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

That’s really lovely Ronald. I look forward to seeing more of those in your shop.