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I just did something really scary...MORE RECENT UPDATE

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

…I know im going to sound pathetic but I just rang someone about a sewing job!!
Im an absolute fraidy cat and would list interviews as one of my top 2 fears.
I have plenty of time to craft but no money to fund it.
Ive been living off financial fumes for months, spongeing off my parents for the basics(Ive realised that the basics/essentials are toiletries) and getting really low and fed up of having no money and not being able to see films at the cinema due to lack of funds.
So I told myself to get off my butt,made a phone call, scared out of my wits, turned out the people are really frienndly and im going to visit them on Thursday to see if I can actually sew what they want me to sew.
Turns out the guy lived near where I live and I we went to the same school!
I know I sound sad but Im quite chuffed with myself. Now i can relax a bit.

Anybody else having any job luck/worries?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Well done! Sometimes making that kind of phone call takes heaps of courage. Lets hope it all work out and you get the job and enjoy it. Working can be great fun as well as a way of earning funds. Good luck :smile:

(Christine E.) #3

Best of luck!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

All the best with it :smiley:

Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone, the more you do it the easier it gets :smile:

(pipdesigns) #5

Well done! You can certainly sew - I’ve seen some lovely cushions in your shop!

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

Thanks for your nice comments one and all.
Il try notto get nervous pre Thursday, currently my main fear is sneezing/coughing over my potential boss as I have a rotten cold.

(Suzanne Francis) #7

well done, nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to boost your confidence! when I’ve done something like that it always makes me feel like im back in the game again, and things always seem to look brighter :sunny:

(Roz) #8

Well done - I feel for you. I know this may sound strange but I actually have a phobia about using the phone at all. I even avoid phoning friends and family and placing an order for things can take me several days to summon up the courage to do it! I know it sounds daft but its just one of those things. Good luck with the interview - it would be nice if you get a job that involves something you enjoy doing.

(Gill Wootton) #9

I am the same I hate using the phone I always think I am inconveniencing people by taking them away from something else. So relieved to find out I’m not on my own

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

Me too, I hated answering the phone for years. Then got a receptionists job so couldnt avoid it , but found its fine is Im answering it for someone else, also I can make calls for other people, just find it really tough to make calls for me.

(Diane Keeble) #11

Well done and I hope it goes well :slight_smile: @Rozcraftz it’s not daft, we all have things we struggle with x

(Shirley Woosey) #12

Good luck in job interview. I hope you do well.
Why not take along some of the things you have sewn to show them what you can do.

Shirley x

(Grimm Exhibition) #13

Yep, I sent pics of things Id made and they asked me to bring them along.

(Lynn Britton) #14

Well done, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for you on Thursday. Hope everything goes well for you.
Lynn x

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #15

Good for you! :smiley:
I’m exactly the same when it comes to making phone calls and meetings. It always takes courage.

I’m also looking for some appropriate part time work. I’ve invested too much time in my art to quit all together, I need to find a job that’s 2/3 days a week on the trot- 9 till 5, so I can get that out of the way and then have a few days for making.

Good luck and all the best. :slight_smile:

(Flyingballoons) #16

This is exactly what I do; 3 days at work and the rest making- we’ll, I say making, although this takes a back seat until the 3 kids (1husband & 2 teens) are settled haha :wink:

Good luck GrimmExhibition! You’ve spurred me on x

(Plumporridge) #17

Good luck , hope it goes well.

I’m interested to read that, just like me, some of you really loathe the telephone. I even avoid phoning people I know, convinced they don’t want to speak to me. I think that’s why I love the internet so much, I can do most things on-line and no need to go anywhere near a telephone!

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #18

I reckon that was really brave. I know just what you mean about phone calls & some interviews too. I was supposed to phone someone about teaching… and I chickened out. You, on the other hand, picked up that phone, dialled the number and made the call! Well done to you!

Could I recommend Sudafed for your cold - pretty fab for clearing the nose and avoiding that dreaded “bugged ub dose” voice!

Good luck on Thursday!

(Brenda Cumming) #19

Brilliant well done to you

(Whichcraft Designs) #20

Well done for taking that giant step and making that call. Like you I hate I interviews and can make myself feel I’ll with the anxiety leading up to it. Good luck for Thursday.