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Interview worries (again) another Update

As some of you may know my last 3 jobs have made me redundant.
Ive just applied for a sewing job, and theyve asked me to go in for an interview and a sewing test next week.
The sewing test Im ok with but even the word interview, gives me the shakes(Im shaking now and feel sick).
I genuinely go blank if asked anything. I cant think of anything positive to say that Ive achieved, or would help get the job. My voice goes squeaky and I basically look like an incompetent idiot.
Any advice or words of comfort would be appreciated.


I’m sure you will be absolutely fine if you just be yourself :smiley:

After all, they did invite you for the interview, so there must be something they already like about you!!

Relax, remember to smile, and as I say, be yourself.

Try to practice conversation scenarios with friends or family before hand, but just relax on the evening before.

Don’t fidget. And dress smartly - better overdressed than under.



like @sejleather says, just be yourself! it’s not an exam (so no need to he nervous) just a conversation to see if you’ll “fit”.

sit up straight, don’t lean or put stuff on the interviewers desk, look 'em in the eye and be honest.
i used to get myself worked up into a full on anxiety attack before interviews, but (a few drops of rescue remedy) telling them how nervous you are, because you really want the job, isn’t a bad thing!

good luck :slight_smile:


What do you mean when you say “I cant think of anything positive to say that Ive achieved” ? You have a shop on here with over 50 sales and I think you sell at craft fairs? That’s a big achievement, don’t under sell yourself. Write a list of positive things about yourself, for example: hard worker, positive attitude, attention to detail etc. list them clearly on a postcard and take it with you to refer to if you get stuck. If they notice just smile and explain that you get nervous at interviews and forget what you want to say, I’m sure they won’t mind.

Good luck. x


some good advice here, hope it goes well x

Interviews are completely un-natural and I think most people find themselves forgetting to say things and getting nervous.

Everyone has already given the best advice, just take deep breaths and try not to over-think it. Let them know how much you enjoy sewing, and how much experience you have creating a range if products. Good luck. You’ll do great :slight_smile:

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I’m sure everything will be OK. Just take deep breaths whilst your waiting to be interviewed, that’ll help you relax.
Good luck.

Tell them about running your online business and mention your skills with lead work , don’t sell yourself short. Remember they were interviewed for their job too once.

Good luck :smiley:

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Take a screen shot of your feedback - I’ve just looked at it and it is obvious your customers are pleased with the quality of your work. I believe you have made clothes for yourself too, maybe take some photos of those in too so you have something to show them if the conversation turns to your skill set. Being self employed its a long time since I had an interview but whenever I have to speak at a meeting or find myself in a difficult situation I always remind myself that nothing bad can happen, the worst is you don’t get the job, and if you really mess up you never have to see the people again! Remind yourself that you have had jobs before and obviously impressed the interviewers enough then so why not now. Deep breaths and good luck. :slight_smile:

If all else fails, you could talk to your GP about getting something just to see you through interviews - I get very nervous in that type of situation too. I have a prescription for beta blockers, which I rarely take, but just knowing I have them makes me feel less worried.

I also discovered mindfulness and meditation about three years ago, they are very helpful and simple to do, all you need is patience and persistence, and somewhere quiet to sit for 20-30 minutes a day. You do start to feel a difference after a relatively short time.

Thanks for your comments. Ive calmed down a bit and decided not to let it “ruin” my weekend.
Great idea to take written feedback, sadly none of it is about my sewn items but gives the right impression that people are happy with my work.

Good Evening

Yes interviews are not the most pleasurable of experiences. A book that I really would recommend is ‘Job Interviews: top answers to tough questions’ by John Lees. Just practice your examples of things you have done and good luck.

Interviews are horrid things but sadly got to be done.

What sort of sewing is it? Is it a big company? If you can do some research about them first.

Just be yourself if its ment to be it will be don’t panic :grinning:

Good luck

I always manage to babble but it must of worked as I have two fantastic jobs.

Try to stay calm and remember that interviews are 2-way meetings - you are also there to find out about the job/company to decide whether or not it will suit you. It’s not just about them deciding about you, so go there with a genuine interest in wanting to know more, and you will come across as genuinely interested!

Do some research about the company/job and take a notebook with a few questions in case they aren’t covered in the interview. Write down information given, as that looks as though you’re serious about the job.

If they want your ‘strong points’ say things like hard worker, reliable, high standards, good time-keeper etc. If they want your ‘weak points’ turn them into positives, e.g. “sometimes I find it hard to accept less than perfection in my work”, or “I don’t like to leave a job unfinished”.

Pretend to be confident (even if you’re not), make eye-contact and smile…it makes a huge difference.

Good luck!

Thanks for your replies and ideas.

Today is the day and im feeling physically sick. Its even worse than last time(about 10 months ago) I don’t recall feeling this awful.
Im taking printed out feedback, a reference letter(so short its more of a note)Ive written down certain things so if I completely crumble il just hand them the piece of paper, and Im taking things ive sewn that they also make, eg cushions, make up bag, lavender bags.
I hope I don’t vomit on them.

Good luck for today, I’m sure you’ll be fine once you get there ( worrying about it beforehand is always worse ). Just take a deep breath and relax …

Good luck Clare @GrimmExhibition, i’m sure you will do just fine :smile:

Just think, the interviewer will most likely be nervous too :wink:

Good luck. I hope everything goes well today @GrimmExhibition
Your not alone with your job interview anxieties. Just give it your best shot, and be yourself as others have said.

Karen :blush:

Good Luck at your interview.
I was given a piece of advice for interviews, or life in general.
Just make them smile and always be memorable. x

Hope your interview went okay, then you can relax, hopefully! :slight_smile: