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Sewing job interview,update

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Ive just arranged an interview for an alterations job at a local tailors.

If you asked me my top 5 worst fears, job interviews would be in the top 2.

Have any of you experienced this sort of thing?
Any advice?

How do I stop shaking, going red and talking gobbledygook??

I plan on wearing a dress Ive made.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Congrats on the interview! Try not to think about it too much before you go in or you’ll get yourself stressed. Try drinking camomile tea which is calming and rescue remedy is very good for calming you down too. Good luck!

(Leanne Woods) #3

Congrats on the interview, I hope it goes well.

I always go into interviews viewing them as a two way street, you’re interviewing them just as much as they are you. Don’t arrive feeling all cap in hand about yourself, remember there’s as much chance of the job not being right for you as there is you not being right for the job so you’re on a completely equal footing in an interview. Keep in mind they need to impress as much as you do.

I’ve had countless interviews over years, and I’ve never went for an interview and not been offered the job (I even arrived at the last one with Chloe in tow just so there was no confusion about the flexibility I wanted), although I’ve turned down plenty but I can’t remember a single one where I haven’t received the “sales pitch” - we all get along well together, there’s a lot of give and take here, or some other rose tinted version of what it will be like to work there:)

Employers hate interviews as much as interviewees so don’t stress over it.

And always ask a question when asked if you have any … there’s always an obvious question that can be asked, it makes you memorable and shows you’re still capable of thinking while the stress is on.

(Leathermeister) #4

@GrimmExhibition good luck with the interview.
You are wearing a dress that you made, that you are proud of, that shows off your work. Go in knowing you can do this job, you are more than capable. They will be pleased to see someone who can sew that’s a great start, smile and as Leanne said don’t be afraid to ask them questions.


(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Thanks for the replies.
I will indeed try to ask questions, at least that way they can talk and i can listen. I hope some actual sewing will be involved in the interview too.

(Silverspiral) #6

Good luck with your interview, it’s about 25 yrs ago since i last had an interview, only thing that kept me smiling was imagining them in fancy dress, they said i was a very relaxed and a happy individual, got the job :slight_smile: but I am in agreement with what has already been said by the other crafters, good luck :slight_smile:

(Plumporridge) #7

That’s a great idea, wearing a dress you’ve made. Wishing you success!

(Helen Dale) #8

What a fab idea to wear a dress you’ve made! I hope it goes well. Remember it’s not just them interviewing you, but you’re also trying them out to see if you want to work for them. I’ve been really nervous when I’ve been interviewing people in the past.

(Renphotographycouk) #9

Find out about the company what you can. They need to see you are keen to work for them because you like the company not because any job will do. This is one of the most common mistakes people do.

I’m guessing because you have applied for the job (and are not coming overly confident) that you are more than capable doing the job. They just need to see this. I have experienced many times when companies hired people that didn’t know what planet they are on, never mind wether they can do the job or not. One guy I worked with even admited, that he can get any job he wants he is that good at interviews. But as for the jobs he can’t do any.

Good luck!

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

Thanks everyone, your replies are really comforting.
I was wondering, should I take other things ive sewn? eg cushion covers.
I made some bridesmaid dresses a few years back and Im hoping to get photos of them to take with me.

(Grimm Exhibition) #11

Realised i had a 2nd green dress which may be better to wear, lucky I tried both on. I cant get in the green one(it must have shrunk) and just about get into the original.
Curse cake!

(Grimm Exhibition) #12

Just got back. I had a very odd 5 minute interview where I had to get the interviewer to talk. I didnt wear the dress as it was a tad tight but i did take it and other pieces with me.
Days arnt ideal (inc saturday mornings)as itl interfere with craft fairs and I dont think I can sew suits, they would have to take time showing me what to do.
She has other people to interview so she will give me an answer by the end of the week. Il let you know.

(Margaret Jackson) #13

At least it’s over with now. I’m sure they’d be impressed at what you’d taken with you. Most jobs require some sort of training so that would be normal. Good luck!

(Grimm Exhibition) #14

Well,is been 2 weeks and I clearly didnt get the job. Im not sure id want to work there after such an odd experience.

Ive just been asked to sell at a Xmas crfat fair where I have sold really well in the past, but I will have to say no this year with no income. I feel sick with dissapointment at having to say no. Il go blub quietly in the corner of a room.

(Margaret Jackson) #15

Oh that’s a shame, you’d think if you hadn’t got the job they’d at least have the courtesy to tell you. You never know though, not all companys are that organised about hiring people, don’t assume you haven’t got it just yet. They might not have interviewed everyone that they want to yet, let alone made a decision.

(Plumporridge) #16

It winds me up when companies don’t bother to let you know. But as Margaret said, maybe they haven’t decided yet. Recently I have heard of a couple of people who have been offered jobs months after they were interviewed.
Still, it all might work out for the best, so try not to get too down.
How come you can’t do the craft fair? I’m thinking I might have to do some this year, things are a bit tight money-wise, but I don’t seem to do very well at them. Makes you wonder if it’s worth the effort.
Hope you feel more cheerful soon. xxx

(Sarah Lambert) #17

Yes it’s a shame when companies don’t bother to let you know, but it seems to happen a lot these days.

(Grimm Exhibition) #18

@plum Ive no money to spend on happy things like craft fairs, plus if i did work at this job Id have to work saturdays(xmas fairs on a saturday and would cost £25).

A pal and my dad said I should ask them for feedback. I really dont want to know how awful I was in the interview, plus I dont think I could hold back at telling her how awful she was.

Thanks for your replies. I feel really down about having no money. Im not eh most confident of people and hate interviews so the combo of no money/not doing craft firs and having to do an interview before I can even think of having an income, all adds yuckiness to my life.